October 28, 2022 | SPORTS | By Charlie Rounaghi

On Sunday, Oct. 16, the Colorado College women’s soccer team defeated Colorado State 1-0, marking the Tigers’ fourth shutout in five games. Kaelin Enga ‘25 scored the only goal of the game from 25 yards out off an assist from Erin Ewers ‘26. The Tigers were playing with extra motivation to honor the six seniors’ final home game at Stewart Field.

These six seniors have all had a rollercoaster of a college soccer career that could conclude in the program’s first Mountain West tournament berth in four years. Their leadership and experience have helped lead a young Tigers team to a successful regular season.

In honor of their contributions to the program, the Catalyst interviewed the senior class of Ally Wakeman, Alexa Porter, Josie Morales, Adelaide Gaffney, Aspen Jeter, and Jordan Darrow about their time on the field these past four years.

Goalkeeper Ally Wakeman

Rounaghi: You had eight saves against Colorado State and led the Mountain West in saves percentage at 0.817. How does it feel to be finishing your college career on such a high note in goal?

Wakeman: Personally, it feels great to be finishing out my career on a high note. Of course, I wouldn’t be able to boast such a percentage without my backline, who have been doing such a great job in front of me.

R: Talk about the chemistry between you and the defense.

W: I feel like we have really gelled together over the past couple games. It took us a minute at the beginning of the season to figure out what works best but I’m really happy with how far we have come. I think we have also found more of a connection with being able to build out of the back, which helps bring confidence across the field.

R: What does it mean for you to play your final game at Stewart Field after playing your first two seasons at Syracuse University?

W: It was a really special experience to finish out my career at Stewart Field. Making the decision to transfer is never easy but I am so grateful to have found a home in the Tiger community. I am so thankful for my teammates for making my last game a memorable one and for how much time and effort the coaches put into making that game special.

R: Favorite memory on the CC Women’s Soccer Team?

W: I think my favorite memory on the CC Women’s Soccer Team would be the win against New Mexico this past year. We lost really bad to them my junior year and that game has haunted me a bit ever since. To have the opportunity to defeat UNM on our home field and to play such a good game on top as well is a really rewarding feeling.

Defender Alexa Porter

Rounaghi: After being a key player your first three years as a Tiger, how did your injury this year change your perspective on soccer?

Porter: My perspective on soccer never changed with my injury but my role within the team did. Obviously being out for my senior year wasn’t the way I wanted it to go but my injury allowed me to focus on making different types of connections with everyone as I entered my new role on the team. 

R: Favorite memory on the CC Women’s Soccer Team?

P: My favorite memory on CCWS was our win against Boise St. my freshman year because we came in as the underdogs and beat them 1-0 on their home field.

Defender Josie Morales

Rounaghi: Talk about the trust you and the defense have in Ally Wakeman in the goal that has led to four shutouts in the last five games.

Morales: Ally has had an incredible season this year and has helped us tremendously in the back line. We know she will do everything in her power to keep the ball out of the net, and it has shown with almost a recordbreaking shut out series for us.

R: What are your goals for the team for the rest of the season?

M: Our first goal is to make it to the Mountain West tournament. This team hasn’t been in at least four years and with the high level we are playing at this year, we deserve to go. Secondly, I would say our goal is to have confidence in our ability to win. We were predicted to almost finish last in our conference this year, but as we move forward, we are proving everyone wrong who doubted us.

R: Describe how the team’s chemistry this year has contributed to on the field success.

M: Our team chemistry has been fantastic this year. I couldn’t imagine a better team to be finishing out my career here at Colorado College.

Forward Adelaide Gaffney

Rounaghi: Is there a win in your CC career that means the most to you?

Gaffney: Definitely beating the University of New Mexico 3-0 this season for the first time in six years and the first time in Colorado Springs since 2001.

R: How have you mentored the incoming/younger forwards throughout the year?

G: I’ve tried my best to make them feel comfortable on and off the field by encouraging them to be themselves. I believe you’ll always play better when you enjoy playing with your teammates, so that’s something the other seniors and I have focused on implementing this year.

R: How does your experience contribute to how effective you have been on the offensive side of the ball this year?

G: I’m grateful for the opportunity to be on the field this year making a difference. As far as experience goes, I think it just took a lot of patience and letting myself be coached throughout the years. I feel a lot more confident knowing I’ve been here for a few years, but I think the big game changer with my performance is how comfortable I feel with the group of girls and coaching staff we have this year.

Defender Aspen Jeter

Rounaghi: What does it mean for you to play your final home game at Stewart Field after playing your first two seasons at Concordia University?

Jeter: I think our last game at Stewart was a great way to end my college career. I’ve had a lot of ups and downs with my career, from being a freshman starter at Concordia to tearing my ACL early in my sophomore season to transferring here, but our last game at Stewart made me feel like everything had finally fallen into place. I’m very grateful for my unconventional career and I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

R: Favorite memory on the CC Women’s Soccer Team?

J: My favorite memory at CC is our win against New Mexico this fall. I loved how our team flow not only got us some really great goals, but also helped us understand just how good we actually are.

Forward Jordan Darrow

Rounaghi: How has it been playing under Coach Keri Sanchez in her first year coaching the Tigers?

Darrow: It has been amazing playing under Keri this year. She is a really inspirational person and has made the experience this year so much fun.

R: How has your role on the team changed throughout your four years with the program?

D: For my first three years I saw pretty limited minutes and started off really timid, but the previous coaching staff really encouraged me to try and lead. This year I was voted a captain and that has been a huge honor and a ton of fun.

R: What are the main challenges in leading the team this year?

D: I’ve really had to gain confidence in regard to leading on the field during games. Overall, I think leading has been made extremely easy this year. My co-captain Aspen is a rockstar and we have a leadership council as well as the coaching staff supporting us.

R: Favorite memory on the CC Women’s Soccer Team?

D: Beating New Mexico 3-0 at home this year has to be a highlight for me. I also loved beating UCSB 2-1 and going to the beach after.

After the inaugural City for Champions Cup against the United States Air Force Academy on Thursday, Oct. 27, the six seniors will look to lead the team into it’s first Mountain West Conference birth in four years.

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