September 16, 2022 | CULTURE | By Katie Rowley | Illustration by Emmaline Hawley

As the end of Block One rolls around, the answer to the age-old question of if your apartment will actually be decorated this year becomes clear.

Last year, the four-person apartment I lived in with randomly assigned sophomores sat undecorated for the entire year. Apart from a few birthday banners and holiday knick-knacks that were promptly taken down after the event had passed, our walls remained the awful beige color that Colorado College insists on painting every surface.

It was, frankly, depressing.  

So, when my friends and I decided we wanted to all live together in an 8-person East Campus apartment, we unanimously decided our apartment had to be cute. The collaborative apartment Pinterest board was created before we were even all placed in an apartment all together.

So, last May, when housing assignments were announced and we got the apartment we wanted, Goodacre D, the decoration process began.

With over 80 saved pins on our Pinterest board, the decided aesthetic for Goodacre was eclectic boho. Our essential design elements included a gallery wall  planned to be curated by group trips to the Arc, homemade punch-needle coasters and a lot of colors.

Over the summer, one of my roommates, Emmaline Hawley ‘24, and I were able to gather a few of our desires: coasters we spent twelve hours making, a rainbow mirror, Barbie-branded martini glasses, and a pink mini pool to be placed on our patio.

Safe to say, by the time move-in day rolled around, we felt confident in our ability to make Goodacre D the cutest Colorado College apartment there ever was.

But, with move-in day comes the first day of class, which catapulted us into the First Week. First Week of the first block is a hard transition from the simplicity of summer and this block was no exception.

So, instead of our highly anticipated gallery wall, the common space of our apartment lay with strewn boxes of half-unpacked kitchen items and a serious lack of storage. A lack that resulted in many Amazon orders for storage cubes, pot racks, and extra shelves. And…no decorations.

As First Week slipped away from us, Second Week brought the promise of potential for actual decorating. With an upcoming birthday party on Sept. 9, at the very least we needed to clean off the table and put away some boxes. This cleaning brought about the discovery of posters not used for our own room decoration. The collection of posters would be enough for a gallery wall.

On weekday nights, with a few of our roommates gathered in our communal living room to sit on our ugly, tan, tweed communal couches, we gave feedback as Hawley, who didn’t have any homework, held up posters. We declared she moved art prints and mirrors and photos just a bit more to the left, no our left, now just a bit up, okay good.

With leftover space on our walls, a trip to the Arc or any thrift store in the greater Springs area was needed. But, due to the hectic schedules brought upon by the Block Plan and the lack of an 8-person car, we couldn’t all make the trek. So, four of us spent a Thursday afternoon scouring two different Arc Thrift Stores, yard and estate sales, as well as a religious thrift store, New Horizons.

We returned to campus with a framed poster of a tiger and a mirror that needed a serious upcycle.

The real problem with all our decor needs, toppled on top of our storage needs, was that it was getting expensive. So, with limited funds, we bought fake flowers, hung up everything we had, and tried our best to make it all look good. I’d argue that we succeeded.

Despite it taking a couple of weeks to decorate, at least our apartment has personality and won’t remain bare the entire year. At least we’ve created some semblance of a home.

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