September 9, 2022 | NEWS | By Konoha Tomono-Duval

A new campus Perspective from Max Arroyo (they/them), Oliver Goslin (he/him), and Jack Hussin (he/him).

A sound booth plays tricks on my ears. Through the broad windows of the Music Production Studio, I watch the frenzied crashing of drums. The plastic barrier shakes around the drummer Ian. Though they weren’t even ten feet away, my room was quiet. Only the waveforms on the monitor bounced gently in time. 

This Tuesday marked this year’s first Digital Music Production Club. I talked with three members about finding a place in the CC music scene and beyond.

“Just Walked In”

Max Arroyo: “Especially in local music shows, you’ll meet a lot of people who are already in other bands. You’ll meet people who are going precisely to meet other people who just like playing music.“

Oliver Goslin: “Dartys often have a few artists playing at them. That’s always a nice vibe with live music playing at them.”

Jack Hussin: “The best way to meet people on campus is just to go into music rooms and ask to jam. Go into the McGregor basement, the Mathias [basement music room]. The music people here are super chill. They’ll help you get up to speed even if you don’t know how to produce music or play music.”

Oliver: “There’s so much happening on campus… Whenever I go in there, I just meet people. I talked to them and I just jam with them usually. Or I just have a set group of people that I talk to before and we go in there and jam.”

Konoha: “Any weird stories from the music rooms?” 

Max: “One time, we were jamming and going hard. The power goes out. And it’s the creepy Mathias basement, there’s no light in there. It’s completely soundproof, pitch black. Terrifying.” 

Out of the Jam Session, Onto the Stage

Oliver: “Not many CC bands play off campus. But when they do, they play at The Black Sheep or at Vultures’ Open Houses (Two local ‘Dive Bars/Concert Venues’).”

Konoha: “How did it feel the first time, on Saturday night walking onto a bar stage?”

Max: “It wasn’t that crowded, only about 30 or 40 people total. In a way, it’s less nerve-wracking than playing on campus. Because at least no one you know knows.” 

Max: “Practice is different from performance. Performing on campus at a Darty is very different from performing for people you don’t know. You have a much more variable age group. You have to be able to connect with people outside of a certain area. On campus, it’s a little easier to get away with being a student. [People are] more encouraging and they’re interested in a certain sound. Off campus, you have to know who you’re playing for. Playing for a bunch of 20 year old and some teachers at the FAC is very different from playing at 10pm at a crowded bar. I’m saying that you have to engage with people’s attention span.” 

The Music Production Club is always looking for new members. If you’re interested, talk to Max Arroyo []. Jack also recommends you go see Sally and the Swamp Goblins. 

A poster for a previous iteration of the group. To quote Max, it was “a lunar eclipse of an event, never to be truly repeated.” 

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