May 13, 2022 | OPINION | By Emma McDermott and Zeke Lloyd

Dear reader,

As we publish the last regular issue of The Catalyst of the 2021-2022 academic year, we wanted to leave the Colorado College community with a few final thoughts.

Our goal as the independent student newspaper of CC is to serve as a catalyst for informed debate within the campus community and hold Colorado College accountable. We take our responsibility in this role seriously and are committed to protecting and promoting student journalism for the benefit of the CC community.

We are proud to have about 75 students on our staff and give them a platform to publish their work. From the people distributing papers to the artists to the layout editors to the writers to our amazing copy editors and section editors, there is so much effort invested in each issue. We cannot thank our staff enough for their hard work. As co-editors-in-chief, we pour so much of ourselves into the paper, but none of it would matter nor be possible without every person that contributes to the publication.

We also want to acknowledge the end of the school year, a time that is bittersweet for many. Whether you’re staying in Colorado Springs for the summer, going back to a place you call home, or traveling somewhere new, we hope you have time to satisfy that trademark CC-itch for adventure (and can’t wait to hear about it next year!).

Also –– don’t forget to check out the amazing work of other campus publications! CC Outdoor Journal, The Leviathan, Cipher, and Anamnesis are all in print today and you don’t want to miss out.

To wrap up, we owe Izzie Hicks ’22 and Josh Kalenga ’23 a huge, huge thank you. As former co-editors-in-chief, Izzie and Josh brought our student newspaper back to print after over a year of publishing only online, restoring life to the Pub House. Not only are they excellent leaders who met every challenge (and believe us, there were a plethora) with grace, humor, and creativity, they are deeply good people who we look up to. We feel so lucky to have gotten to learn from them and wouldn’t have been able to transition to co-EICs so seamlessly without their unwavering support. Josh and Izzie, thank you for everything.

There’s one more person we’ve got to thank –– Hank Bedingfield ’22. The Catalyst’s head managing and copy editor, co-EIC of Anamnesis, and famed restaurant reviewer has been an asset to campus publications in ways that not even Hank, himself, could sufficiently put into words. Thanks for keeping this whole Catalyst operation running and our bellies full.

CC, we wish you a restful, restorative summer and some much-deserved time away from the rigor of the Block Plan. We wish graduating seniors only the best as they embark on whatever lies ahead and look forward to reconnecting with the rest of you in August.


Emma and Zeke

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