May 6, 2022 | ACTIVE LIFE | By Lorelei Smillie | Photo by Rikki Held

Susie B’s: the legendary lifeblood of the library, a crucial, caffeinated wonderland, the highlight of the third floor and a refuge during the mid-class break, where would we be without you? Even more than coffee, Susie B’s provides us with a fascinating look into the Colorado College student body’s psyche.

What does your Susie B’s order say about your choice of outdoor activity?

Boba: If you choose to order the bubble tea, you’re a real risk taker, and not in a cool way. You go backcountry skiing without being avalanche certified and go cliff jumping in unknown waters. Sure, it looks cool, but are you really aware of the danger you’re in?

RX bar: If you’re buying an RX bar, you’re into climbing. You don’t care if it tastes good, you just need some egg whites to get your day going.

Iced chai: This delicious classic is loved by all and will perk you up without giving you a caffeine induced panic attack. If you’re ordering an iced chai, you like to go backpacking. You love a nice backcountry experience without the need to summit anything crazy, but you appreciate the energy boost that being in nature gives you.

Iced latte with oat milk: Maybe the most ordered drink, if you order this it means you like to hike. Who doesn’t enjoy that? Especially here. Enough said.

Latte with whole milk: Whole milk has become so ostracized by our plant-based milk culture that it’s become a little ~alternative~ in coffee culture. If you’re getting a latte with whole milk, you like to go fly fishing. Fly fishing’s allure used to be restricted to a certain population, but now it’s starting to become cool. Soon, it’ll be really artsy to hold up a giant fish on your Instagram.

Energy drink: If you get an energy drink, you’re into mountain biking. You like things that are refreshing, but ultimately, you’ll sacrifice flavor for that boost of energy.

Decaf coffee: Your favorite outdoors activity is a drive through Garden of the Gods. You like things that are pretty to look at, but you’re not looking to spend lots of energy to enjoy them. Occasionally, you’ll get out of your car to take a photo, but you’re not looking to climb to the top of anything.

Rainbow couscous salad: If you’re ordering this salad, you like things that are fresh and exciting. Your favorite activity is backcountry skiing, and you’re constantly exploring and looking for untouched powder.

Berries: If you’re buying a carton of raspberries or blueberries, your activity of choice is skiing. It’s pretty basic for CC, but you’re willing to spend a lot of money for an objectively delicious experience.

Hot tea: If you order a hot tea, you enjoy the simplicity of a nice walk on Yampa. You like to listen to the birds and enjoy the relaxing breeze tearing down the trees next to Loomis.

Mac and cheese: Buying the mac and cheese means that you’re an easygoing soul with a desire for the heartier things in life. Your favorite thing to do outdoors is camp! You like to sit around the campfire, play cards, and roast marshmallows. Once we all let go of the need to prove ourselves on 14ers, we can realize that enjoying a nice night under the stars is much more relaxing. We should all strive for that mac and cheese ideal.


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