April 29, 2022 | NEWS | By Tia Vierling

When The Catalyst asked Chandler Groskopf ’22 what she knew about Honors Convocation, her reply was simply “not enough.” Groskopf isn’t alone in lacking information.

For attentive students (anyone who noticed class going longer than usual on Monday), it was clear that there was no First Mondays speaker in Block 8. That’s because the time that would’ve been set aside for First Monday is instead held back for a different purpose: Honors Convocation, which this year falls on Tuesday, May 10, during third week. Classes will let out early so that students can convene in Celeste Theatre for Honors Convocation, which is… what exactly?

According to the Colorado College website, Honors Convocation is an “annual event [that] celebrates outstanding students, faculty members, and staff…” This commemoration includes departmental awards such as recognition for outstanding senior theses, academic achievements, or excellent work in various departments.

Honors Convocation also includes all-college awards, like prizes for excellence in extracurricular leadership and recognition for CC staff and faculty who have contributed time and energy to benefit the community. CCSGA and community engagement awards are often thrown into the mix, along with nods to members of academic honorary organizations and recipients of some scholarships and fellowships.

Groskopf and Anna Cahn ’23 both commented on the awards aspect of Honors Convocation, with Groskopf noting that while she doesn’t “really know who, someone gets awards,” and Cahn commenting that, “it includes many different awards.” Ann-Claire Lin ’23 explained that she thought the event was about “honoring the achievements of exceptional students in departments and celebrating the successes of our community.”

Despite Honors Convocation serving as the foremost event for recognizing students, staff, and faculty each year, it’s still confusing for some. Cahn noted that “I’ve never been here for one,” referring to the fact that while Honors Convocation proceeded online during COVID-19, as a student graduating in 2023, Cahn wasn’t present for the last in-person convocation in 2019.

Still, Cahn is planning to attend this year. “I was nominated for something, so I think I will go… I have no idea what it’s for, though,” she said. Award recipients typically are not told what award they might receive at Honors Convocation, only that they have been nominated.

Groskopf is also planning to attend. “I think my roommates had talked about going,” she said. “There will probably be people I recognize who are going. I don’t really know who’s nominated or what for or how many people are there… [though] this could just be me being bad at reading emails.”

All students, faculty, and staff are welcome to Honors Convocation 2022, on May 10 at 11 a.m. in Celeste Theatre. It’s a First Monday—or, rather, Third Tuesday—event meant to honor the community; you won’t want to miss it.

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