April 29, 2022 | OPINION | By Maddie Mollerus | Photo Provided by Maddie Mollerus 

Who’s excited for Llamapalooza?! I know I am! In my three years as a Colorado College student, this will be the first time I’ll be able to go. I don’t exactly know what people wear, so if you don’t either, you’ve come to the right place. Since Llamapalooza is basically our Coachella (CCoachella?), I’ll be basing my style recommendations off what I’ve seen people wearing the past two weekends of the iconic SoCal music festival. All the trends I’ve listed can be worn by people of any gender; they’re not limited to any one group of people!


This is probably my favorite festival trend, because it’s such a good way to incorporate movement into your outfit. For anyone who likes 60s, bohemian vibes, this trend is for you. With this eye-catching look, you’re sure to be noticed by others!


An absolute NECESSITY on a hot festival day! I’ll be the first to admit that I touch my hair a lot when I wear it down, and these cute clips are the perfect solution. For extra Y2K vibes, go for pink butterfly barrettes!


This knit trend is super “in” right now! It’s the best way to look chic while staying cool. Beachy and effortless, crochet is super easy to wear with anything. I will be wearing a crochet-and-suede shirt jacket, courtesy of my grandmother’s closet. (Bonus points if you’re able to crochet your own clothing!)

Fun Sunglasses:

There’s no better way to spice up your outfit than with funky sunglasses. Whether they have colorful frames, pastel lenses, or a different shape, sunglasses have a special way of tying an outfit together. If you’re looking for a pair, Redoux Consignment downtown has the best selection; I got sunglasses that have butterfly-shaped lenses!

Loud Patterns:

I LOVE a good pattern. Swap out a plain t-shirt for a patterned one and watch your outfit be transformed! This season, try leopard print, Aloha print, floral, tie-dye, and gingham. If you’re brave, pair two patterns together for a totally unique fit.

Bell Bottoms:

As a 5’2 person, these universally-flattering pants have a special place in my heart (and in my wardrobe). My favorite way to wear them is with a crop top or baby tee. I believe that the best bell bottoms are vintage, so use that as an excuse to go shopping at one of the many vintage stores downtown!

Cowboy Boots:

It’s the Power of the Dog! Cowboy boots go with literally anything (this is an indisputable fact in my mind). For an updated, modern take on the trend, go with a white pair. And because Colorado Springs is in the Wild Wild West, there’s no shortage of second-hand pairs in thrift stores.

Go wild with these trends and put your own spin on them! Don’t feel like your outfit has to be cohesive either, festivals are a great opportunity to experiment with your style. If you’re looking to buy new clothes for Llamapalooza, make sure to support our local thrift stores and small businesses! Ultimately, the best outfit is whatever you feel comfortable and confident in—no matter what you decide to wear, you’ll still be contributing to CC’s eclectic festival culture.

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