April 8, 2022 | ACTIVE LIFE | By Amanda Bradley, Amelia Allen, and Eleanor Scheetz

There’s a reason Rupert Holms’ “Escape (The Piña Colada Song)” is so popular: most of us find the thought of a little excitement, spontaneity, and novelty in our sex lives alluring. Whether it’s by drinking piña coladas, getting caught in the rain, or making love at midnight in the dunes of the cape, those of us who are sexually active have likely experienced the thrill that comes with switching up your sexy-time routine.

This article will aim to find out why keeping it spicy is so beneficial for partnerships by diving deep into the specifics of sex in the great outdoors.

The classic sex location is the bedroom–it’s widely known and loved but can also get boring. Hanky-panky outside of the house not only creates the adrenaline rush that comes when you commit a criminal offense, but also the physical scene change engages something in our brains that makes it feel like we’re having sex with a new partner.

This way to breathe some life back into a relationship lull could be both faster and easier than receiving the ol’ “can we talk?” text. We aren’t endorsing poor communication here, but rather, we would be enthused to see some grassy walks of shame.

In a relationship where the sex can feel monotonous, partners may shift locations to bring back the spark. Woods and beaches are popular locations for a switch up, which some argue has a relation to our primeval impulses. In ancient times, allegedly, only the rich had sex indoors, where everyone else escaped to a corner of the woods to stimulate their senses.

As Colorado College students, we know the positive effect the outdoors has on our mental health. It makes our block-plan worries slip away, and we find ourselves stress-free. This outdoor effect is not necessarily distinct from our feelings when ‘doing the deed’ outside; we are free and playful, not caring about others, excited by the spontaneous entanglement with another partner and the breaking of social norms.

For many people, the thrill of engaging in an outdoor horizontal refreshment is even better than the act itself. Being honest here, it can be kind of messy–a stick in the wrong place or insects exploring crevices they’ve never been in before is not necessarily the environment one may think sensual love-making would take place.

But the thought that someone could possibly glance in the wrong direction and expose your adventure is the best part: the risk of being caught during sex is one of the common sense-deprivation techniques used in the BDSM community.

Not surprisingly, in a study done by SWNS Digital, 76% of their 2,000 survey respondents reported having done the deed outdoors, while 58% said that engaging in outdoor sex lead to increased happiness in their relationship.

Luckily for anyone who may be uncomfortable with the prospect of getting frisky outside, these benefits aren’t simply limited to the outdoors. More than half of the participants reported that having sex somewhere other than a bed had similar effects on their relationships, while seven out of ten reported feeling closer to their partner after having sex in an unfamiliar location. 

Nervousness about arranging adventurous sexual playdates is not uncommon. However, it is worth noting that nine out of ten Americans feel the need to spice up their sex life. While it may seem daunting to bring up adding a little pizazz to doing the devil’s dance with your partner, the truth of the matter remains: most of us are thinking the same thing.

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