April 1, 2022 | LIFE | By Mahnoor Rehman

Colorado College’s Muslim Student Association consists of CC students with different backgrounds who create a sense of community with one another. The association comprises students across all disciplines, as well as the faculty and staff members who are willing to engage with MSA and the events they organize throughout the academic year.

Ommay Khyr ’25, the co-chair of MSA, when asked about the Association, said “MSA is a community of students that tries to host blockly events, often with food involved. It serves as a place for people who want support from the Chaplain’s Office. We, together with the Chaplain’s Office, try our best to accommodate the religious needs of students. Furthermore, we are also building a broader community by including staff and faculty members.”

As a freshman co-chair of the group, Khyr mentioned her previous desires to become more involved with the MSA and its management, and how this prompted her to take on the role of being a co-chair for the year.

Prior to the pandemic, MSA was a much stronger association. But the pandemic continued to impact community-building efforts alongside the hybrid structure of classes and events, hindering the association’s productivity. However, with campus activities resuming in-person this academic year, MSA is collaborating with the Chaplain’s Office to organize more community and social events.

Every Friday, the Chaplain’s Office arranges transportation for CC students to the local mosque for Jummah prayers. Also, for students who choose to pray on campus, there is space reserved.

This week is the beginning of Ramadan all over the world, which is one of the holiest and most significant periods of time for Muslims from all sects and locations. Khyr also shared MSA plans for Ramadan this year, “We are really looking forward to the engagement within MSA community this Ramadan. We are planning multiple Iftars for the community. Moreover, we hope to organize trips for Sehr as well which would be really fun!”

During Ramadan, Muslims fast during the day with an emphasis on prayers and other religious practices. Iftar and Sehr are the two main meals during the days of Ramadan. Sehr or Suhoor is the meal consumed at the beginning of the fast before sunrise and Iftar is the meal that is consumed when breaking the fast at sunset.

Additionally, MSA is looking for recommendations from the MSA community about events for the celebration of Eid at the end of Ramadan.

Community spaces like MSA are needed by many students on campus.

Khyr commented on the sense of belonging that MSA provides for students like herself, saying “Communities like ours are crucial for minority groups on campus as they bring a sense of home and comfort for all of us, the space becomes a source of support and peace, and it is important that we keep maintaining such groups on campus.”

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