March 4, 2022 | LIFE | By Grace Cutler | Photo by Daniel De Koning

Delta: the fourth letter in the Greek alphabet that is known to represent change.

This element of change seems to be a theme of life for many people at the moment, as we are all transitioning to adulthood. For me, it holds particularly special meaning, especially in the wake of my recent pledge to become a new member of the Delta Gamma sorority on campus.

Greek life in higher education institutions is commonly associated with a variety of stereotypes, both positive and negative. Some people say joining a fraternity or sorority is “paying for friends,” or mention the hazing horror stories they’ve heard.  I previously believed many of those connotations, stereotypes, and stigmas before I joined a sorority. Now, however, I can happily report that most of my previous beliefs have altered.  

Similar to many women who are interested in joining a sorority in college, I wanted to find a community of girls and expand my social circle. I didn’t have the best start to this semester, both academically and personally. I was in a really bad place. So, when Delta Gamma started advertising their spring informal recruitment, I was interested. Even though I previously had my doubts about Greek life, this recruitment was informal so I didn’t have to commit to anything.

Photo by Daniel De Koning

I was so desperate to find people on campus who I could connect and bond with that joining a sorority seemed like my last-ditch effort to even stay at Colorado College. I grew up with brothers, so I never before experienced what it’s like to have a sister-type relationship. Even the language that sororities use of joining a group of “sisters” made me develop an instant interest and affinity with the group.

Shortly after expressing interest, I quickly realized that I made the right choice. I suddenly found myself receiving text messages from various members of the sorority inviting me to join them for meals, coffee, or various events at the house to learn more about Delta Gamma. The goal was also for them to learn more about me before they decided whether or not to give me a bid.

Eventually, they did extend a bid to me, which I eagerly accepted. After doing so, I was flooded with Instagram follow requests, texts, and invitations to go thrift shopping or out for smoothies with other members. These were all social activities that I would have never done mere months earlier. I felt welcomed for the first time in a long while, and I started to recover from the dark place I was in before. This led me to turn around my academics, and finally start to feel like I could truly be happy and belong somewhere on campus.

I am not trying to push Greek life on anyone, as I realize that it’s not for everyone. I didn’t expect to want to join Greek life at all until recently. But if you are anything like me and crave an open and welcoming community, it’s definitely something to consider.

These girls are a big part of why I ended up choosing to stay at CC, and they have helped me in more ways than they will ever know. I cannot thank them enough. Even though joining a sorority costs a little bit of money, the return on your investment is truly priceless.

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