January 28, 2020 | ACTIVE LIFE | By Olivia Hahnemann-Gilbert | Photo by Eric Ingram

Winter is generally filled with a plethora of fun and exciting activities, especially in a location such as Colorado Springs with a multitude of mountains at one’s disposal.

However, instead of highlighting mainstream winter activities, this article will attempt to push the boundaries of what Colorado College students typically consider to be the most common ways to have fun outside. Here is a list of six ways to get innovative with outdoor activities this winter season.

  1. Treat yourself by making a tasty meal… with snow.

Are you feeling dehydrated, but tired of classic water? Gather some snow and heat it up to create snow broth. This glamorous meal tastes similar to water but requires slightly more work and is much more exciting.

For a more serious delicious snow meal, make a bowl of snow ice cream. The simple recipe includes putting a handful or two of snow into a bowl and dousing it in sugary syrup. This meal is quite the treat, and one of my personal favorites. Just try to avoid the yellow stuff. 

  • Make abstract snow art 

Sick of the classic snowperson? Create your own cool and unique snow art. Craft your very own “Snowna Lisa,” or reinvent Van Gogh’s piece with “The Snowy Night.” If you are feeling especially artsy, make it more abstract; mobilize your deepest thoughts and feelings, and put it into a snow sculpture.

  • Get creative with your ski equipment

No snow? Can’t engage in your usual snowy activities, such as skiing? Why put your ski equipment to waste when you can repurpose your skis in many unique ways?

For one example, try ski Jenga. This fun and original game is just like the classic one, but with skis. Gather a group of friends and see who is the first to knock over the stacked ski tower when they pull their skis out. Although the game may not last very long, it is likely to give a good chuckle.

  • Enjoy a day of cross-country sledding

This is a great one for those who have tried cross-country skiing but envy the sit-down element of sledding, especially if you want to put just a little more effort in. Although the activity may be quite slow for the majority of the time, it is a great way to get that full-body exercise. To get moving, the activity requires many full-force pushing motions, which may last for the entirety of your session.

I know what you are thinking: it truly is the perfect way to spend a snowy winter day.

  • Ambush your enemies with a snowball attack

You may be asking yourself: what if I am not in a happy winter mood? What if, instead, I am filled with rage and the need for revenge?

In this case, the perfect winter activity for you is to plan a snowball ambush on your worst enemies. Roll up a fluffy snowball and catch them on their way to class, or, if you want to get risky, catch them in class; this activity is the perfect way to unleash your most toxic feelings in a light and fun way.

  • Make a dramatic wintery music video

If you are feeling the strong need to capture dramatic winter vibes, this one’s for you. Put on your angsty-teen face, grab your camera, and get out into the cold to produce the best winter music video. For inspiration, look to early 2000s punk; if you are heading in the direction of “I Miss You,” by Blink-182, you are doing it right.

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