October 29, 2021 | ACTIVE LIFE | By Tia Vierling | Photo by Oliver Kraft

If an intrepid student ventures by the Ritt Kellogg Climbing Gym through the doors beyond, they find themselves in a long, windowless hallway stretching down through the bowels of the building.

Here, nestled next to the auxiliary gym, is the realm of Christina Lorete, Colorado College’s new Campus Recreation Athletic Trainer.

Lorete, who was on-boarded at the outset of the 2021-2022 school year, is a kind and capable face for students seeking out help with athletic injuries. She spoke to The Catalyst about her work with club sport athletes on “injury prevention, evaluation, treatment, rehabilitation, and game coverage.”

Lorete doesn’t just work with club sport athletes, however. 

“I do service our general CC student population, ” Lorete said. At the moment, Lorete sees a mix of “about 80% club sport athletes and 20% general population.” 

Her work with students of all backgrounds is, as she puts it, “a great resource for students, as it takes away the financial and transportation barriers for those students who are seeking care for musculoskeletal injuries.” 

Because Lorete works on campus, students without cars (or those who may not be able to cover treatments off campus) can seek out her assistance with anything from a potential concussion after a soccer game to rehab exercises after injuries.

Originally from Virginia, Lorete’s work and training have taken her from coast to coast: she has been everywhere from Washington to Colorado. Apart from what Lorete can offer as an excellent athletic trainer, she also brings to her work a passion for helping others. 

“Being able to work one on one with my patients and athletes and watch them progress… to returning back to play or their daily activities is truly rewarding,” Lorete said. 

Lorete’s response to CC has been mostly positive. She pointed out that she loves seeing “how active the student population is here… [in] club sports, intramurals or Outdoor Ed trips.” Seeing students “taking advantage of everything the campus and the state of Colorado” have to offer is a boost for Lorete.

Whether it’s a heated intramural ping pong championship or a paddleboarding CC Outdoor Education trip, students are more than willing to throw themselves into activity. That’s where Lorete comes in.

After a few months at CC, Lorete has certainly settled in. But when looking towards the future, she noted that she’s still excited to help students return “back to their activities so that they [can] continue to stay engaged… during their time at Colorado College.”

Keeping students fit not just in the aftermath of injuries but through preventative work, Lorete is an invaluable resource on campus to help students stay healthy and happy through their active lives.

When asked if she had any additional thoughts to share, Lorete had a short and sweet answer: “Don’t be shy.”

“If you have an injury… that has been lingering for a while, get it taken care of and come see me. If it is something I cannot help you with I can at least provide you with the resources and tools to help navigate the health system to get you where you need to go,” Lorete said. 

All the way from Virginia, Lorete is here with a purpose. To become faster, stronger, and safer, all you have to do is venture to the doors beyond Ritt. 

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