October 29, 2021 | SPORTS | By Olivia Xerras | Photo by Benjamin Curry

Block break is known as a time to relax, refresh and partake in activities that would be difficult to fit into a busy school week schedule. For my roommates, biking, climbing, and hiking were all on the to-do list this past block break. 

Living just a short drive away from spectacular outdoor sights and access to all these activities is just one of the many reasons why my peers chose Colorado College. During this second block break, my roommates decided to venture to Moab, Utah which seemed to be a happening spot for many students across campus.  

Max Landy ’24 iterated the strong community atmosphere he experienced while in Moab. He liked how CC students were able to collaborate and help each other navigate and enjoy the marked climbing, hiking, and biking locations throughout the weekend. 

“It was incredible to see experienced CC kids and alums climbing and biking around and near our camp site,” Landy said. “Honestly it was just beautiful to see the CC community coming together to help us plan our routes for these activities.” 

Although many students on campus are versed in how to properly utilize the equipment needed to execute a successful climb or bike trail, there are many students who may not be as familiar with these different types of terrains. Hearing about groups of people with similar interests further demonstrates how well CC treats those within this tight-knit, outdoor-loving group.

Gavin Cardamone ’24 sets a scene of his solo hike experience, creating a vision that one could only wish to have been there for. 

“I started hiking off this unmarked trail that took me through this insane canyon. After, I decided to go to this river bed and kept envisioning what would happen if I kayaked down the canyon,” Cardamone said. “It was really pretty, and on top of everything else, I saw a bunch of skeletons across the canyon; lizards too.” He continued on to end the adventure-scape: “This hike really was fun, I got to see more of the canyon than anybody else.” 

The ability to explore independently can definitely be taken for granted, especially during a time when personal reflection and decompression from a prior busy block is so necessary. Landy and Cardamone both agree that experiencing relative solitude, along with finding some time to be with their own thoughts, allowed this trip to be extremely worthwhile. 

“This trip was something I have always dreamed about doing in Utah,” Landy said. “It was a dream come true.” 

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