October 15, 2021 | SPORTS | By By Ben Hayes-Lemmon | Photo courtesy of Walker McCormick

In the midst of a bustling parents’ weekend, Colorado College’s club rugby teams prepared to face off with the Air Force Academy. The stands were packed with friends and family; the energy brought by the team and the spectators was impressive. 

The men’s team and the women’s team (the Cutthroats) put on spectacular performances, with vicious offensive strikes and a strong defensive resolve. Due to an unfortunate foul and a missed try conversion, the Cutthroats fell to Air Force 12-5 in the final minutes of the match.

The men’s team performed well and appeared to be putting together an impressive comeback despite an early deficit.Even so, they fell just short in a tough loss at 14-21. In the face of two losses, the teams both have high hopes for the rest of the season.

“I’m so proud of my team and the way that we played tonight,” said Avery Dichter ’21, one of the captains of the Cutthroats. “It’s so good to see everyone come together and play a great game like that.” 

This sentiment echoed throughout the team. 

“We’re not happy with the results, but we’re really happy with how the game went,” said Doré Young ’24.

The men’s team also played their hearts out and kept their heads high following Friday’s loss.

“Overall, I feel really proud of our performance. Tonight we put together the most composed game of the entire season so far,” said Ethan Gould ’24. “With each game, we get a little more confidence, and that’s what it’s all about.“

The positivity radiating throughout both teams was uplifting to witness; the men’s team pumped up the crowd’s energy during the Cutthroats’ game, and the Cutthroats rallied after their game to cheer on the men. What makes these two teams so special? The passion for rugby. 

“Rugby just makes life better. It’s like having the best family on campus. Even though we’re two teams, we’re one club,” said Dichter, who scored a try for the Cutthroats. 

Young emphasized this point further: “Rugby is love. It’s really just running around and playing a sport that we all love.” 

The sense of community and comradery that can be seen across the sport is inspiring. Immediately following the men’s game, both the Air Force Academy and CC formed a massive circle and broke down the game, naming the most valuable players and sending the teams off together. 

“Since we’re really close to Air Force, we have a really positive connection between the teams,” Gould said. “It really was just a circle of love.”

The Cutthroats team offers one of the most inclusive and friendly environments on campus. “We are not just the women’s team, we are the Cutthroats. We’re a diverse group of people who just want to play a hard-hitting contact sport like rugby,” Young said. “You’ll find nothing but really, really good people on our team.”

Although rugby players have a reputation for brash indifference to on-field violence, there’s no reason to be afraid. If you’re looking for an inclusive, diverse, passionate, and above all, incredibly kind community, then CC Club Rugby is the place for you. 

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