September 17, 2021 | SPORTS | By Max Giles | Photo by Anil Jergens

After more than a year of limited campus recreation due to COVID-19, one of Colorado College’s most cherished programs is back in full: intramural sports. Intramural sports (IMs) provide a social and physical outlet for students and has become a staple of the institution. CC is consistently ranked in the top ten schools of the Princeton Review’s “Everyone Plays Intramural Sports.” 

All kinds of sports are offered, some of which include ping pong, soccer, and ultimate frisbee. No previous experience is necessary to participate, and all teams are gender inclusive. The program is a fantastic way to get involved with the community and to meet new people, all with the added benefit of staying active. 

“IM sports are a great platform for staying physically active and making friendships while solidifying existing bonds, all in a low-stakes environment for everyone to have fun together,” said Sam Seymour ’22, an active IM participant.

This school year will bring back many of the campus activities that were missed during the pandemic, along with the energy of the students. It is a unique and promising year that will hopefully restore a new sense of normalcy for each of us. 

Chris Starr, Director of Campus Recreation and the Fitness Center, is excited to have students back on campus. “The energy is awesome and the anticipation for the full return of IM sports is high,” she said. “It’s special…they’re so popular because students here work really hard but also play really hard.”

Getting involved this year is significant, as many of the teams have not played in over a year. It is a chance to remind our community what campus recreation means to students. 

“IMs starting up is a great example of the thrill of things starting to get back to normal,” Seymour said.

Our school’s active student body is always ready to participate in campus recreation and this organized outlet is the perfect place to do so. The atmosphere of IMs is both competitive and fun. 

“CC students are intense people, and it manifests in games,” Starr said. “But there’s also a lot of fun and laughter which compliments the intensity well.” 

If you are looking to participate, several sports are being offered in Blocks 2 and 3, including soccer, volleyball, ping pong, and flag football. Rosters for tournaments are due Friday, Sept. 17. To sign up, go through the “fall sports” tab on the CC IM website. 

In Blocks 3 and 4, the IM ice hockey season begins. There will also be pre-winter break basketball and futsal tournaments in Block 4. 

Senior students like Seymour urge new students to join. 

“Try everything regardless of past experience,” Seymour said. “College is really the only time we have an opportunity to play sports like broomball… so taking advantage of that is crucial.” 

Whether you are an expert in a sport or just learning, IMs offer a welcoming outlet where you can make the most of CC’s tight-knit community. 

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