September 3, 2021 | NEWS | By Lily Weaver | Photo by Isaac Yee

Amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Colorado College has implemented numerous measures in an attempt to ensure its students have a year as enjoyable, educational, and enriching as possible. 

Since the CC community has a high rate of vaccination, classes, activities, and work are now in-person. Everyone in the CC community is tested for COVID-19 upon arrival to campus. Unvaccinated and partially-vaccinated faculty and staff are encouraged to receive COVID-19 testing twice a week. The ongoing testing of students will be determined after initial arrival testing is complete, and the community is yet to hear additional details on the school’s testing plan. 

Everyone on campus must wear a mask while in public indoor spaces, a regulation in which almost all students comply. CC expects that the on-campus mask mandate will be temporary, but it still serves as a risk mitigation tactic against the virus. 

Members of the CC community who feel sick are recommended to stay in their rooms, and those who test positive for the virus are asked to isolate. The college provides isolation rooms to students if needed.

Claire Barber ’23, a fully vaccinated student who tested positive for COVID-19 just a day before classes began on Aug. 30, voiced her concern about the school’s plan for students who do contract the virus while taking in-person classes. 

“I was told to reach out to my professor and tell them that I would be isolated for 10 days, and she told me the next morning that I would not be able to join the class,” Barber said. “I do not think CC has put adequate measures in place to make sure students who are isolated can continue their learning.” 

If you do contract COVID-19, it is not required of professors to keep you in their class through a remote format, and there’s a chance you may have to switch into a different block with an online alternative or drop the class. 

Students who wish to travel during the school year must follow CDC travel guidelines. Students who are not fully vaccinated will not be able to travel at all during block breaks. Additionally, student-athletes must follow NCAA guidelines for travel and participation requirements.  

The college stated that they are aware that the COVID-19 pandemic is causing anxiety for many people. Therefore, there are numerous resources on campus for support and assistance, including the Counseling Center, the Chaplain’s Office, the Employee Assistance Plan, the Butler Center, the Advising Hub, and the Wellness Resource Center. CC has also implemented a multi-disciplinary COVID-19 Emergency Response Team, working teams, and a Scientific Advisory Group who meet regularly to assess the school’s coronavirus situation and plan for the ways in which the virus could impact the campus. 

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