Apr 9, 2021 | LIFE | By Kristen Richards | Photo by Anil Jergens

Sometimes in life, a little espresso and foamy milk is the perfect remedy for a negative vibe. I began my search for the best latte in Colorado Springs way back in the fall, and my journey continues today. With my current knowledge, I have devised a list that is guaranteed to serve all your caffeine needs.

  • The Perk Downtown

Located in downtown Colorado Springs, The Perk Downtown’s latte is, in my opinion, the best latte in the area. The Perk is a local coffee shop that offers a discount for Colorado College students, so make sure to bring your student ID!

They have a variety of syrup flavors — almond is the best! — as well as oat, almond, and soy milk. Their espresso is nutty and fresh and most importantly, not burnt. In addition, the Perk has a second-floor outdoor balcony that is a perfect space for COVID-safe studying!

The Perk also has a variety of local baked goods that vary every day. The perfect match for a great latte!

  • Switchback Coffee Roasters

Switchback Coffee Roasters made this list because of their seasonal pumpkin pie latte. Unlike many mainstream pumpkin spice fall drinks, Switchback Coffee Roaster’s pumpkin pie latte tastes more like pumpkin pie filling than the random assortments of spices and sugar that encompass the “pumpkin spice” trend.

Admittedly, I have not visited Switchback Coffee Roasters since they discontinued their pumpkin pie latte and cannot speak on their other lattes. When fall returns, however, the pumpkin pie latte will prevail as one of the best lattes in Colorado Springs. I would encourage fellow latte-enthusiasts to explore the rest of Switchback’s menu, as I’m confident that their other flavored lattes will not disappoint.

Switchback Coffee Roasters has two different locations: one at the intersection of Institute and Boulder Street, and the other west of Memorial Park. Both are close enough to campus to enjoy a (slightly lengthy) walk to, and they have outdoor seating that offers a great place to study.

  • La Baguette

When just a coffee won’t suffice, La Baguette is the perfect choice for a perfectly foamed latte and a fresh pastry. La Baguette has two locations: one downtown, and one in Old Colorado City.

The best time to get lattes and pastries at La Baguette is in the morning, when the bread is freshly baked and they have the most options. La Baguette has incredible almond croissants that pair perfectly with their lattes. The downtown location has outdoor seating that, when the unpredictable Colorado weather allows, is a great COVID-safe place to sit.

  • Good Neighbors Meeting House

Located at the intersection of Columbia and Corona Street, Good Neighbors Meeting House serves lattes that are not only tasty, but also beautiful. Order a for-here latte (to enjoy in their outdoor seating) and you will be surprised by the beautifully designed latte.

Good Neighbors also offers house-made syrup, which makes their menu far more versatile and unique than many other chain coffee shops.

Colorado Springs is full of coffee shops, and this list barely scratches the surface of the wonderful lattes close to campus. Hopefully, the four local coffeeshops mentioned above will invite you to explore new places, drink new lattes, and support local businesses!

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