Apr 2, 2021 | ACTIVE LIFE | By Psalm Delaney

This year has been quite the uphill climb. On the Block Plan, we study hard for three and a half weeks and eagerly anticipate our much-needed block break. Over the long weekend many of us head out of town to explore new hikes, ski the Rocky Mountains, or to camp under the stars.

But what if we didn’t have to limit our adventures to the end of the block? What if we could go for a hike more often, read a book by a pond of Koi fish, or have a socially-distanced picnic with our friends? What if I told you that you can do all this today, just 20 minutes away from campus?

As we kick off Block 7 and welcome the spring, I encourage you to go check out Fox Run Regional Park on the north side of Colorado Springs. Whether you are looking for an afternoon run, a fun bike ride, a refreshing hike, a new spot to hammock and practice your slacklining, or have a picnic with your friends, this park may be your new favorite hangout.

Take I-25 north until the exit on Baptist Road, turn down Roller Coaster road, and you will find yourself at the Fox Run trailhead in Black Forest—a spot that just about every Colorado Springs local knows and loves.

Fox Run features four miles of trail space, two fields of groomed grass, a few pavilions, a dog park, and two beautiful Koi ponds.

The four-mile trail and the Koi pond are my favorite places at Fox Run. The trail in the forest is a great place to get in run or bike, meditative walk, or to catch up with a friend. I find it very relaxing because it feels like I’m able to get away from the bustle of the city and the monotony of the suburbs and be present in nature without having to drive to the mountains. It’s a perfect place to get some fresh air and listen to the breeze, birds, and the twigs under your feet.

The Koi pond is also gorgeous and serene! Don’t be surprised if you see couples taking wedding photos or even getting married here. The covered pavilion provides some shade from the sun and a wonderful spot to sit and read a book, drink your favorite tea, or listen to your favorite album while looking out onto the water.

The block is stressful, and we all need some space to relax away from campus and connect with others outside of our campus. Fox Run feels like an adventure outside of our usual scenery in the downtown Colorado Springs area, but is just close enough for a quick afternoon get-away to refresh and rejuvenate this block. Don’t just take my word for it — go check it out for yourself! Put this address in your Google Maps to get out and to explore for a little while this afternoon.

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