Apr 2, 2021 | LIFE | By Mahnoor Rehman | Illustration by Bibi Powers

As spring approaches, the blossoming flowers and much-awaited greenery build positive energy around us. Sunshine is often seen as a metaphor for hope, growth, and renewal. During spring, there is a difference in the surroundings with longer days and more sunshine that enables a healthier routine.

The end of winter means the end of dark and gloomy cold. Although some of us enjoy indoor activities such as sipping on a cup of hot cocoa in front of the fireplace, it can be just as enjoyable for others to finally be outside in the beautiful daylight.

COVID-19 has made it much more challenging for people to be outdoors with its restrictions of isolation and quarantine. The cold weather plus the COVID-19 stress has led to heightened anxiety and depression, which can cause a mental health crisis for many individuals. However, with sunnier days approaching, people can finally move outside of their rooms and dorms and appreciate the warmth in the air.

While following the guidelines of COVID-19, individuals can participate in socially-distanced outdoor activities or even spend some time engaging with nature. The sunlight and fresh air provide great ways to counter the Zoom fatigue that many students are facing.

The arrival of spring is also a wonderful point in the year to reflect on our daily practices and bring about the necessary changes we need in our lives. There is no better season to make plans for new projects, assignments, food habits, exercise, and more.

The warmth and peaceful spring energy amplifies the creativity and innovation in our minds, which can be utilized in many different ways for our benefit.

Another great way to make the springtime positive and uplifting is by getting plants for our rooms or apartments. Taking care of plants during the spring season with fresh daylight is a highly recommended ritual that is very fulfilling and gratifying.

Depending on your class schedule and feasibility, organizing or re-organizing your room, closet, working desk, and other spaces might help in dealing with the anxious thoughts of demotivation that many students are currently facing.

The pandemic has led to anxiety and fear alongside other overwhelming emotions. The warm daylight is a beautiful source of healing that we all need these days as we try to move ahead from the grim realities of the pandemic.

Journaling your thoughts and doing some exercises of mindfulness are other ways to navigate difficult emotions. Also, exercise is a great way to channel our emotions, and being outside while doing yoga or meditation can further expand our practices of self-care.

Every year, spring reminds us how it is possible to manifest a positive change in our lives. It is a sweet and warm time of the year that brings new opportunities for everyone.

We must prioritize our health and take care of ourselves while still considering safety precautions. Let us all focus on the brighter side of the tunnel so that we can all move on from the long winter and enjoy the blooms of spring.

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