These responses have been edited for clarity.

“The most recent addition of The Catalyst published an article called “Colorado College Students Get Vaccinated Ahead of Frontline Workers and Vulnerable Coloradans.” As a student who is also an essential worker, I take issue with the tone and general message presented by the journalist. I volunteer at a food bank for Spanish-speakers in Colorado. Our food bank operates like a grocery store: it is entirely inside, and clients are free to roam about for any amount of time while choosing their groceries. Even more dangerously, most of our clients are themselves frontline workers, or at least working in a sector in which it is hard to maintain physical distance. In short, I put my life and safety on the line to volunteer, as did my clients to work. I am now vaccinated. I am also a CC student. Although the article does concede that “while some students who work essential and frontline jobs received the vaccine under Colorado’s Phase 1 rollout, other students who were not part of the Phase 1 rollout also received the vaccine,” very little space is devoted to discussing essential workers or disabled students. Another important point to consider is that those posting vaccine selfies might qualify under Phase 1, but do not wish to share their status publicly. I often admire The Catalyst’s journalists for their fair reporting. Unfortunately, this article failed to consider many perspectives. If the author would like to write a story about students who are essential workers, I would welcome that and am happy to be interviewed.” – Lucy Carlson-Krakoff ’23

“As a chronically ill student, it is absolutely disgusting to me that some people are jumping the line. Those of us who need the vaccine are having to drive to get it — I had to drive to Woodland Park. I don’t think people should get the vaccine until they have a reason. Skipping the line is problematic because it is taking vaccines from people who will actually get really sick from COVID. Also, you can’t say you have two or more health conditions if you don’t! It’s not fair to get the benefits of having health problems without dealing with them literally every day. I’d trade not being sick for waiting to get the vaccine any day.” – anonymous

“The only interesting part of “Colorado College Students Get Vaccinated Ahead of Frontline Workers and Vulnerable Coloradans” would have been the reason Summit Medical Center was handing out doses on a walk-in basis. With seemingly no effort to actually get the real story here, the piece turned into little more than bashing students for being proactive in their personal medical needs. Shaming college students for participating in a questionable vaccine opportunity rather than holding those who created the situation accountable is cowardly and reductive. You should strive to hold those in power responsible rather than tear our already fractured community further apart.” – anonymous ’21

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