These responses have been edited for clarity.

“It seems extremely stupid on the paper’s part to publish a piece giving advice about backcountry skiing from non-professionals and in addition not even mention the minimum gear needed, like a beacon, probe, and shovel. Especially when there have already been so many avalanche deaths this year. Major oversight.” -Arlo Metzger ’24

“In recent weeks many students have approached CCSGA representatives to express their concern that the closure of Rastalls is causing food insecurity. We are listening and appreciate you coming to us. I, Sophie Cardin, the Vice President of Outreach, am working with Representative John Lê to compile evidence of food insecurity. We plan to push the administration to accommodate all dietary and financial restrictions, but we need your support — share your story with us! If you wish to submit testimony you can attend one of our regular full council meetings on Thursday at 5 p.m. via Zoom or submit written testimony through email, text, or Instagram. / 303-656-6911 / @realccsga” -Sophie Cardin ’22

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