Mar 5, 2021 | LIFE | By Mahnoor Rehman | Photo by Anil Jergens

There are many different resources that Colorado College students can take advantage of throughout their academic journey. These include the well-known Tutt Library resources as well as the Writing Center and Quantitative Reasoning Center. Paraprofessionals in different departments are also available to help students who are studying, reading, annotating, writing, or looking for help with time management.

Each academic department has at least one paraprofessional who is a staff member and has studied a particular major.

In most cases, paraprofs are recently-graduated CC students. In each department, there is an application process and interviews that are designed to find suitable candidates for the position. These students are usually the top students of their field and are enthusiastic to work with the faculty and student body to improve the department and how it functions at CC.

Recently, I had the chance to work with Eliza Guion, the paraprofessional of the Sociology department. She assisted me throughout my first block with the different assignments and informed me of strategies that can help one succeed in the Block Plan.

I found the interactions to be extremely beneficial, as they helped me gain a different view of my work and the effort I am putting into class. It is also advantageous to have someone from the same major answer your questions, as they might have studied those concepts and topic before.

“We are hoping to help students succeed in their classes, foster a community-building strategy, and support faculty,” Guion said.

Usually, for social sciences, this includes working with faculty members on research projects and helping students construct their essays. They are also trained to guide and connect you with relevant faculty members in case you need further guidance on certain topics.

The idea is to provide assistance in the department in whatever way possible. Organizing events and focus centers for particular subjects and fields is another aspect of their job, and hence students can visit them with ideas of innovation and creativity.

Paraprofs are the perfect resources to use to explore your choices of majors, as they have already been through the academic journey at CC and can let you know about the pros and cons of a specific major.

Most paraprofs are currently working remotely through Zoom, but they have office hours and are available for scheduled meetings so that students can find answers to their queries and receive feedback.

Natural sciences paraprofs are holding labs and therefore, some of them are available for in-person meetings. Although COVID-19 has been a limiting factor for a lot of activities on campus, receiving assistance from paraprofs is quite easy — you can schedule a meeting from the convenience of your room.

To find your paraprof, all you have to do is visit the CC website and explore your department’s page. There, you can find the contact information for your paraprof. In some classes, paraprofs visit the block in the earlier days to introduce themselves as a resource for students.

New students at CC are especially encouraged to take advantage of this valuable resource, as paraprofs can provide advice for students navigating through the academic challenges they might face in a given block.

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