Feb 19, 2021 | NEWS | By April Kwan

On Feb. 11, Colorado College Mutual Aid released their Spring 2021 semester plan, in which the key changes are a new application and redistribution method. This new system allows for more periods of redistribution, in comparison to the two rounds of redistribution that have occurred so far. The application can now be accessed through Summit.    

CC Mutual Aid was formed last July by students in response to financial challenges and disparities from the COVID-19 pandemic. It works to provide financial assistance for needs such as food, travel, medical, housing, medical, and technology for students. Originally, it was a section of the Collective for Antiracism and Liberation (CAL), which is a student-run organization that is promoting anti-racism at CC.  

CC Mutual Aid’s work so far has assisted 151 students and raised $102,676. Of that total, $76,781 has been redistributed in two rounds to students. The remaining amount of money was raised after their final round of distribution and will go towards future rounds of distribution. CC Mutual Aid has had over 600 donors and is ongoing. 

Dylan Chapell ’24, one of CC Mutual Aid’s student leaders, thinks the Spring 2021 plan aligns with the steps previously taken by the fund.

“Hopefully this [new spring semester plan] will meet more immediate needs,” Chapell said. “Instead of students having to wait months, it’ll be weeks.” 

Chapell notes how CC Mutual Aid has been working to “fill in the gaps where there’s need that isn’t met by the current systems in place.” He emphasizes disparities within the student population that have been heightened by the pandemic.   

For the future, Chapell is excited for CC Mutual Aid to “branch out into non-monetary aspects, like this fall, when we paired students with cars to help students move out.”  

In order to receive mutual aid, students can apply through the Academic Dean’s Office Summit page. For the Spring 2021 semester, CC Mutual Aid will have three rounds of distribution and students must apply per block for aid. Applications are due the block before. 

Important dates are as follows: 

In addition, CC Mutual Aid has announced its Spring 2021 fundraising/general plans. These include a Fine Arts Center First Friday Fundraiser, Candy Grams, and a record sale in February; a March Madness sports team competition in March; an arts and crafts fair and raffle fundraiser in April; and assisting students with moving out and graduation fundraising in May.

To learn more, donate, or participate in CC Mutual Aid, follow them on Instagram or Facebook. You can also send them an email or visit their webpage.  

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