These responses have been edited for clarity.

“My friend was one of the people who got the false positive COVID tests and they were so confused and upset. They hadn’t seen anyone besides their house and partner and all of them tested negative, so the only possible explanation was the grocery store or something which really freaked me and my house out knowing. Really thankful it was actually negative but I can’t imagine the stress it caused them and their house, plus they went into isolation for a few days which just blows.” -Ella Neurohr ’22

“Great reporting on the accidental positive test last week, although very alarming to hear that there is the possibility of a computer glitch messing with our test results.” -Anonymous

“As a winter-start transfer student, I was dismayed to learn that not only has CC increased tuition this year, but that administration’s inadequate consolation prize of two “free” summer classes does not apply to winter-start students. This means we have to pay full tuition for the Spring semester, at an exorbitant price, during a pandemic and a terrible recession without any type of compensation. For an institution with a 766.9 million dollar endowment this is unconscionable. I applied to a competitive summer class and was accepted. Unfortunately I might not be able to take this class because I would be charged approximately $10,000. Had I started at CC this fall, this would not be the case. I feel that the administration has let us transfer and winter-start students down, seeing us as a money-maker rather than as human students who matter to the community.” -Lucy Carlson-Krakoff ’23

“I feel like The Catalyst has really improved this last year. The articles just seem so much more poignant and entertaining.” -Carlton Moeller ’21

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