Nov 6, 2020 | LIFE | By Kristen Richards | Photo by Patil Khakhamian

Colorado College’s celebration of Halloween began on Friday afternoon with dozens of pumpkins, carving knives, and gunk-filled buckets spread across the lawn outside of Worner. Masked students gathered in small circles, enjoying the warm October day as they carved swirly-eyed holes in their big orange pumpkins. 

Brigitte Arcoite ’24 reflected on her experience participating in the pumpkin carving. “I enjoyed carving a giant circle into my pumpkin, but I think the squirrels enjoyed it more,” she said. 

Along with pumpkin carving, tables outside of Worner displayed intricately frosted skeleton, ghost, and pumpkin cookies. Students were also invited to pick up activity kits and, looking into the following week, Election Day self-care bags.

Though Halloween happenings on campus were surely different than previous years, the effort made by CC Campus Activities portrayed a clear message: they wanted students to get involved and have fun in the safest way possible. 

Friday evening, Campus Activities also hosted a “costume skate night” in the Honnen Ice Arena. This provided an opportunity for students to skate in costume to Halloween-themed music. 

Ariana Viegas ’24 reflected on her time at the event. “People were generally just having a good time, and overall it was a fun experience to go skating late at night. We were given cookies and little gift bags afterward,” she said.

Viegas’s excitement about the costume skate event was echoed by Arcoite as well. Arcoite was impressed by the creativity of the students’ costumes. “Some of the most creative were bowlers, Aladdin, giant sharks, and my personal favorite: an egg,” she said.

Having stayed at the event for the full two hours of the skating session, Arcoite concluded that it was successful in engaging with students. “I saw lots of racing and slamming against the wall and generally thought it was a great way to get into the Halloween spirit,” she said. 

The Oct. 31 festivities commenced with a Halloween-themed breakfast at Rastall dining hall, complete with goblin fingers, zombie guts, witches’ hash, and vampire wards. Bon Appetit also hosted a midnight breakfast taco event with pumpkin sauce at the Olin Annex.

“The breakfast tacos were just breakfast tacos,” Lila Galinkin ’24 said. “But I did appreciate Bon Appetit’s effort to cleverly name things.” 

No Halloween is complete without excessive amounts of fun-sized candy bars, and the numerous bowls of candy across campus showed CC’s continued commitment to making Halloween fun. 

In South Hall, a handful of RAs kept bowls of candy outside their rooms for students, and throughout the day, the RA on duty also passed out numerous individual cups of candy. 

The CC Campus Activities Instagram page kept students updated throughout the day on the events going on. Students in Loomis, Mathias, and South were able to participate in slime-making throughout the weekend, and CC Campus Activities hosted a virtual scavenger hunt as well.  The multiplicity and variety of events on campus throughout Halloween weekend gave students the opportunity to get engaged and enjoy themselves in a safe, fun way.

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