Oct 23, 2020 | ACTIVE LIFE | By Ky-Leigh Boyland | Illustration by Jubilee Rivera-Hernandez

The place where legends are told, and insanity is intriguing. Where you feel immortality, and where $100 bills have never been more enticing. Welcome to the best musical movement game of our time, “Beat Saber.”

Released on May 1, 2018, “Beat Saber” has electrified players from the get-go. With an overwhelming amount of electric, techno, dubstep, and rock music, each song provides its own unique experience that makes it a must-have for gamers.

“Beat Saber” is played through virtual reality (VR): you have to stand up and face your camera, and you’ll be placed on a floating platform in an abyss of neon colors. Your only weapons are two light sabers: one blue, one red.

Every song you play comes at you with neon-colored blocks that you slash through with your lightsabers or duck under to prevent death. Sometimes you get a stream of blocks coming from the right side only; other times you’ll do numerous cross-swings. There are circle patterns, and clusters of neon that require immense focus to distinguish each one. Personally, I rarely get excited about things, but every time I think about this game, something inside me lights up.

Because of the VR, loud and catchy beats, and visuals, this game drags you into the music. Every movement you make is meaningful. Every mistake is fatal. Every second gets your body moving for your life.

There are five difficulty settings: Easy, Normal, Hard, Expert, and Expert Plus. Each of them has their place as players navigate their own skills while also providing a challenge for those willing to push their abilities.

In addition to five modes, “Beat Saber” currently gives the player over six albums of music to choose from. While that’s not a lot of songs to choose from, they’re always working on new music to add, and each song will make you chase higher scores and difficulties.  

I never forget the way my heart races or the soreness of my demolished biceps the next day. It’s an out-of-this-world experience during every song. Whether I’m dripping sweat or crushing songs easy-peasy, this game makes me feel strong and one with the music, almost like a ninja.

“Beat Saber” requires accuracy, speed, focus, and energy that make this one of the best musical games of all time. Every session can leave the player breathless and satisfied. From the fantastic music and body connection, it’s a must have for VR.

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