Sept. 11, 2020 | By Noah Johnson | Photo courtesy of The Catalyst Archives

Although the season looks different this year, the Colorado College men’s soccer team is excited to welcome Teddy Libby to campus. Libby is a first year from Corpus Christi, Texas. A lifelong soccer player and fan, “college soccer was always the end game,” Libby said. Libby is “over the moon” to play for the Tigers these next four years.

Growing up in Texas, Libby played for both Titans FC and Corpus Christi FC throughout his club years and boasts an impressive four varsity letters from Flour Bluff High School.

“Soccer in Corpus Christi was growing as I was growing, we didn’t have a pro team or a Development Academy team,” Libby said.

This meant that he had to make difficult decisions throughout his club years, often driving two hours both ways to get to games. But he persisted and built a strong core group in Corpus Christi.

Libby is an athletic, attacking midfielder with the ability to play inside or out. In high school, if his team needed a goal, he was the guy. Libby struck for a team-leading 24 goals his senior year, and looks to bring that momentum forward into the upcoming Tiger season.

Libby is a member of “a very strong recruiting class that can definitely find their stride and contribute to the program all four years,” men’s soccer coach Scott Palguta said.  

Off the soccer field, Libby is interested in an array of activities. According to Libby, he spends his time off the field participating in “water sports, fishing, drawing, and listening to music.” Libby lives on the island of Corpus Christi, so he is surrounded by water and spends a lot of his time out there. He feels lucky to have grown up in such a beautiful area but welcomes the change of scenery that Colorado College will bring. 

Academically, Libby is not sure what he is going to study at CC. Throughout high school, he enjoyed studying English and History the most, but he is hoping his first year at CC will help him make a more concrete decision. Although he is disappointed about the trajectory of this year, he remains optimistic for the upcoming years at Colorado College, and he is proud to be a Tiger.

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