Sept. 11, 2020 | By Psalm Delaney | Illustration by Xixi Qin

In a world that seems to be dying, “Biomimicz” plants a seed that encourages new growth — literally. Denver native vegan rapper and entrepreneur, Dr. Ietef Vita, also known by his stage name, DJ Cavem, is the pioneer of one of hip-hop’s newest genres, Eco Hip-Hop.

Released during International Compost Week in 2019, DJ Cavem’s newest project and EP, “Biomimicz,” is a lyrical masterpiece that addresses food injustice and climate change. The album also promotes urban gardens and plant-based lifestyles. Complimented by unforgettable hooks and exciting bass lines, the eight-track album evokes critical thought about environmentalism, encourages urban farming, and promotes the importance of environmental preservation. The EP’s opening track, “1 For The Hood,” is an excellent display of DJ Cavem’s talent.

“Biomimicz” literally sprouts new life in the soil and in the minds of its listeners. The album is sold as a pack of seeds. Just purchase the seeds, scan the back, and then sit back to relax and immerse yourself in the most earth-loving album ever created. Listen to the album while you’re planting those seeds and sprouting new life. When the harvest comes, DJ Cavem plans to release a full album that features recipes using the crops planted with the EP.

Hip-hop is often given a ‘bad rap,’ so to speak; it has become synonymous with violence, misogyny, and vulgarity. The album redefines what hip-hop music is can offer. The rhymes, themes, and beats tell a story, engage the audience, and present a new perspective of hip-hop. “Biomimicz” is a breath of fresh air. It is a hip-hop album that can, should, and needs to be shared with everyone. It sprouts new life.

Today, more than ever, the world needs environmental influences from all platforms, and DJ Cavem does just that. This EP is an anomaly in the hip-hop realm, which makes it even more significant. It is one of the first albums in the history of hip-hop to focus solely on promoting environmentalism, as it normalizes care for the earth and community-based nutrition, introduces diversity into the realm of environmentalism, and is a call to action to combat food injustice. “Biomimicz” fosters excitement for change — a skill only a few albums possess.

“Biomimicz” and its seeds are a force for restoration and a catalyst for education. Give the album a listen and reflect on the beauty of this much-needed eight-track record of knowledge. What seeds does it plant in your soil? How are you going to cultivate your knowledge?


  1. Very enlightening article, something I probably would have never

  2. Awesome article. Eco-Hop what a simple yet great marketing and environmental action impact statement! Well written and informative . Love the action piece!

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