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Sisterhood. Culture. Education.

2020 officially marks the launch of Colorado College’s newest sorority. Delta Xi Nu, a Tau Associate Chapter, was founded by Jessica Ramos ’20, Joselinne Medrano ’20, Nicole Chavarria ’22, Sharmely Lopez ’22, Dylan Hall ’22, and Flor Vargas ’23.

Delta Xi Nu Multicultural Sorority, Inc. was founded at Texas A&M in 1997 and has several chapters located in Texas and the Southern region of the United States. Colorado College and Colorado State University are the only Delta Xi Nu (DXN) chapters in the state of Colorado. Delta Xi Nu “is committed to the furtherance of multiculturalism by promoting diversity and cultural awareness in [their] local communities and throughout the world,” according to their official mission statement.

The sorority pursues this mission through philanthropy at both the national and local chapter level. On the national scale, DXN is invested in promoting awareness of violence against women. At CC, DXN is dedicated to bail reform and support for immigrants in detention. The Tau DXN chapter at CC will work closely with the El Paso County Criminal Justice Center and raise funds to pay for the bail of detained U.S. immigrants.

In an interview with the chapter’s founders, the women expressed their excitement to launch this multicultural sorority on CC’s campus after three years of hard work. They explained that they were looking forward to promoting a space of inclusivity, support, and celebration in a culture of Greek life that, in their experience, had not been inclusive. The founders plan to pioneer a welcoming forum for all women, femme-identifying, gender non-conforming, and non-binary students who self-identify as persons of color.

The Tau chapter strives to cultivate a supportive network and safe space for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) students. Chavarria explained that in many social settings on campus, she “never felt like [herself].”

Synchronous with the start of Block 1 on Aug. 24, Delta Xi Nu at CC will begin their first phase of recruitment with informational meetings throughout the first and second week. During third week, DXN will host a series of sisterhood orientation activities called “Honey Week.” Interviews are scheduled to take place during the first week of Block 2.

Co-founder Dylan Hall’s mission is to “make Greek life as accessible as possible.” The chapter strives to reduce the financial barrier of joining the community. Dues will be acquired once each semester.

Furthermore, the chapter emphasizes its anti-hazing policy. The founders expressed that their rush process will be “traditional and classy.” While recruiting members, the DXN chapter officials will look for “girls who are invested in the idea of multiculturalism.” They explained that the selected women will be outstanding students, students of virtue and character, and a positive representation of both CC and DXN.

Like many other aspects of college life in 2020, DXN continues to persevere through challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. In a regular year, the chapter plans to host on campus and in-person promotion, outreach, and annual philanthropy events. Delta Xi Nu’s signature event “Everybody Eats” is a festival-style event featuring cultural food and music from one or more of the sorority members’ cultures. All proceeds from the event will be donated to the El Paso County Criminal Justice center to fund the bail for detained immigrants. However, while this event and other Delta Xi Nu gatherings will likely not take place this year, the sorority plans to continue their mission, outreach, promotion, and philanthropy via Instagram and Zoom meetings.

All six founders are excited to promote sisterhood, culture, and education, make history, and welcome the first generation of DXN sisters at CC this fall. For all interest and inquiry, the DXN chapter can be contacted at or on Instagram at @tau_dxn.

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