By Lucy DeLuca | Photo courtesy of Caroline Wu

While the coronavirus pandemic has been difficult for everyone, it will not be the defining moment of a beloved college experience for seniors like Caroline Wu, a chemistry major whose time at Colorado College was abruptly cut short. It was the idea of “living somewhere very different from [her] hometown” that initially attracted Wu to CC.

“I immediately fell in love with CC’s mountain views and snowy scenes,” said Wu. Although the campus is now virtually empty, Wu said that CC is doing a good job of supporting international students who can’t go home due to travel restrictions.

The support of the CC community is something that Wu has felt strongly during her time as a student. She emphasized that small class sizes and professors who pay attention to students have had a positive impact on her education.

Living together and having fun with her FYE classmates during a trip to Baca is one of Wu’s fondest college memories. “Everyone was so nice and helpful,” Wu said. The care and support of her fellow Tigers is something Wu will greatly miss, but she is nevertheless excited for whatever the future may bring.  

After graduating from CC, Wu will attend a graduate program at the University of Pennsylvania. She plans to continue with research and her study of chemistry, both of which are interests she was able to develop at CC.

“I liked chemistry a lot [in high school]. I took several chemistry classes my freshman year and I found that the professors [were] super nice and the classes and labs [were] always interesting,” she said.

Although Wu decided her major before coming to college, she still managed to discover new interests. She “unexpectedly” chose philosophy as her minor after “falling in love” with the subject during a class on existentialism. Wu’s surprise at her newfound interest is why she encourages current and incoming CC students to “explore different possibilities [and] departments, because [what you enjoy] may surprise you.” For Wu, one of the best parts of CC is the “atmosphere for classes and life” that allowed her to discover new interests and become friends with “nice and interesting people.”  

While CC is filled with smart and friendly students from around the world, the support system isn’t always the same for all student demographics. Looking forward, Wu hopes that the CC community “might pay more attention to the Asian students, including the Asian American student community,” although, she said, “they have already worked hard on it.” As a part of the Asian student community, Wu would like to see support for Asian students similar to “the great job [that has been done] to support other communities such as African American students.”

Despite the abrupt end to her final semester due to the coronavirus pandemic, Wu was able to recall fond memories of her time at CC. From the interests she discovered, to Halloween parties, to the way “people [at CC] really care about each other,” Wu has loved being a part of the CC community.   

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