By Catie McDonald | Illustration by Xixi Qin

You know what they say: a tide pod a day keeps the COVID away. 

I consider myself on the more extreme end when it comes to mitigating my risk of contracting COVID-19. If I absolutely have to go to the store (I usually opt out and sacrifice my sister instead), I treat it like it’s an airport: I wear gloves, I disinfect the cart and my credit card, and I hand sanitize as soon as I’m back in the car. When I get home, I throw my clothes straight in the washer and aggressively wipe down the groceries with Clorox wipes.

But according to President Donald Trump, I’m neglecting to properly disinfect something else: myself.

That’s right, folks — the so-called leader of the free world really suggested, in a televised press conference on Thursday, April 23, that, since COVID-19 can be killed “in under a minute” with disinfectants, we should consider ingesting these harmful substances if need be.

Now, I’m not a biology major or anything, but it doesn’t take a PhD to recognize that as a really bad idea.

Granted, this is the same guy who claimed climate change is a hoax, and, just over a month ago, assured the American people to “keep calm, and [the virus] will go away” as confirmed cases in the U.S. topped over 1 million as of April 28.

But will any of this be enough to deter Trump supporters from voting for another four years of an administration that blatantly disregards science, and subsequently American lives, come November? Considering poison control centers across the country have experienced a rise in calls with regards to exposure to household cleaning supplies following the President’s remarks, two men this past weekend were hospitalized for ingesting disinfectants, and his followers have reiterated that he was being “sarcastic,” it’s looking bleak. Or should I say, bleach.

So, if you’re one of those people who is overwhelmed with American politics, or votes third party to make a point, or “just doesn’t vote” — please think again as we approach the 2020 election. Lives literally depend on it. 

And if you’re one of those people who kicks back with a well-earned cocktail when the clock strikes five — stick with vodka, hold the bleach.

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