By Georgia Grellier | Illustration by Jubilee Hernandez

Welcome back to Story Time with Georgia, where I relay various stories from members of the CC community, and also sometimes just me.

Who: Senior who would eventually like to be employed

When: Like 2003 or something


Senior “Emily” was five years old when she and her family took a ski trip to Lake Tahoe. Emily and her sister were having the time of their lives skiing and hanging out in the pool at the hotel afterward, and the two spent much of their vacation playing in the pool and making up dances.

On the second or third day of Emily’s family’s stay, she and her sister decided to follow up a good morning of skiing with an afternoon at the pool. As usual, they were making up little dances and splashing around when they noticed two kids who appeared to be their age-mates watching them. Even with the weird kids staring at them, Emily and her sister continued to work on their choreography and practice their routine, because they have been confident, strong women who don’t care about the haters from day one.

Soon, though, the other children began to imitate their moves and generally mock them. Emily and her sister weren’t thrilled but continued to dance their little hearts out anyway. They were happy to see the other kids leave shortly afterward.

What the two girls were more excited to see, however, was that their haters had left their sunglasses, clothes, and towels on some nearby lounge chairs. Seeking vengeance, Emily’s sister concocted a plan, and Emily followed her lead. Both of them climbed out of the pool and began to throw each and every abandoned article of clothing and towel into the pool. As the final touch, they snapped the children’s sunglasses and tossed the pieces in as well.

 It’s both horrifying and very, very impressive that five and seven-year-olds are so good at revenge. I will probably think twice before accepting another babysitting job. The two girls sadly never got to see their victims’ reactions, but I’m sure a lesson was learned that day. As they say, “Jealousy is a disease, get well soon!”

Takeaway: Who even brings sunglasses to an indoor pool? That honestly should’ve been their first red flag about those mean little kids.

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