By Miles Montgomery

Colorado College diver Peyton Classon ’23 finished fourth in the one-meter dive at the National Collegiate Athletic Association Region Two meet this past weekend with a score of 366.2 points, the best-ever finish by a female Tiger in both the one- and three-meter events. She also finished with a 342.95 in the three-meter dive, good for a sixth place in the meet. 

The anticipated pressure of a first regional meet certainly did not weigh on Classon, and she had a large degree of confidence in her preparation for the meet. “We’ve been focused on consistency a lot throughout the end of this season and it definitely helps ease the nerves when you get to the meet and know you’re doing dives that you are completely capable of doing,” she said. “When you’ve done the same dive hundreds of times at practice, it makes it seem a lot less daunting to just have to do one during the meet.” 

Classon also noted the supportive environment surrounding the meet. “Being at the regional meet with two other teammates really helped ease any nerves. We focused on having fun together, which always makes us dive better. All of the divers from other teams at the meet were also very supportive and we were all cheering each other on, which makes the environment a lot less stressful. When you’re watching everyone else succeed and dive so amazing, it encourages you to do the best you possibly can as well.” 

Classon was not the only CC diver to compete at the regional meet. Jennifer Middleton ’21 and Riley Wadehra ’20 also dove, with Middleton posting a sixth place finish in the one-meter with a score of 327.5 and an eighth place finish in the three-meter with a 311.75. Wadehra finished her Tiger diving career with two personal bests in her fourth regional meet, finishing seventh in the three-meter with a score of 329.3 and eighth in the one-meter with a 325.85. 

“I’ve been in enough meets now that I know what to expect, and how to block out what’s going on when I need to,” said Wadehra. “If I mess up one dive, I know how to come back and not let it affect my overall performance. I also love the regional meet, and know how much fun it can be, so I let myself enjoy the experience.” 

When asked what she would miss most about being a part of the CC dive team, Wadehra reflected on the close bonds she has formed with her teammates and coach. “I’ve enjoyed my coach and teammates the most!” she said. “I’ve met my best friends on this team. Also, flipping is super cool. I love the physicality of this sport, and at Colorado College, my coach and teammates facilitate an environment where we get to enjoy how cool diving is. I’ll miss my team the most. I love both the divers and swimmers, and I’ll miss all our silly times together.” 

Although long-time contributors like Wadehra will be leaving next year, the future of the squad is certainly bright, and one of their most promising young talents is determined to improve on her record performance this year. 

“There are a lot of new dives that I still want to learn,” said Classon. “I have a lot that I still want to do, especially on the three-meter board, since this was my first season competing in the event. This year I was able to accomplish more than I ever could have expected coming in, and it makes my goals even bigger for the next three years. I know that Ellen has big plans for me and the rest of the team over the next few years, and I am extremely excited to see where it takes me in future postseason meets.” 

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