By Berry Phillips and Tali Juliano


• Provost Alan Townsend was named interim president of Colorado College on Wednesday, and Dean of Faculty Claire Oberon Garcia will serve as interim provost as well as maintaining her existing role. (CC Communications)

• Tuition for the 2020-21 academic year will be $60,390 and the comprehensive fee for students living on campus will be $74,256. (CC Communications)

• The Big Idea Competition took place on Tuesday. Student teams Journalista, Geek Girl, MemorMe, and Infinite Chemistry presented their ideas. (CC Communications)


• Colorado Death Penalty repeal passed the House and Senate on Wednesday. Next, the bill will head to Gov. Polis, who has indicated he will sign the bill. (Denver 7)

• 17 cases of mumps have been reported among Keystone Resort employees. (KKTV) 

• A poll released Wednesday, conducted by research firm Data for Progress, shows Sen. Bernie Sanders leading the field for the Colorado primary with 34% support. Sanders is followed by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, who has 20% support. (The Denver Post)


• On Tuesday, President Donald Trump demanded that Justice Ginsburg and Justice Sotomayor recuse themselves from cases involving him after the latter’s dissent in a case against the Trump Administration. (The New York Times)

• Harvey Weinstein was convicted of two felony sex crimes on Monday in New York, but acquitted of the most serious charge brought against him: predatory sexual assault. He will serve a possible sentence between five to 29 years at Rikers Island. (The New York Times)

• On Wednesday, Trump announced he has charged Vice President Mike Pence with overseeing a coronavirus task force but stated the risk to Americans remains low. (The Wall Street Journal)


• Death toll in New Delhi rises to at least 24 amidst clashes between Hindus and Muslims in the city after Prime Minister Modi passed a new citizenship law which favors members of all South Asian religions above Muslims. (The Wall Street Journal)

• Coronavirus infections outside of China rise above those inside the country as the virus spreads across the Middle East and Europe. (The New York Times)

• Germany overturned its ban on assisted suicide on Wednesday in the Federal Constitutional Court. (BBC News) 

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