By Ian Roberson 

On Thursday, March 5, the Colorado College student body will elect its next Student Body President, Student Trustee, and Vice Presidents of Inclusion, Finance, and Outreach. Every election is essential, and the upcoming Executive Council elections are no different. Students across campus should embrace the opportunity to deliver a decisive message through their elected representatives. It is through our participation that CCSGA draws its influence. 

All student government positions are paid — the elected positions are jobs. 

There are five Vice President roles within CCSGA, including Finance, Inclusion, Internal Affairs, Outreach, and Student Life. The role of the CCSGA Vice Presidents is to oversee the administration of policy in each specific arena, ensuring a robust specialization of labor and focus on effective implementation plans. Vice Presidents chair the committees under which their responsibilities fall, while similarly working with the Executive Council to address a wider array of campus issues. Only three of these Vice President roles are up for election next week: Inclusion, Finance, and Outreach. Each office’s incumbent will play a key role in future CCSGA action. 

Vice President of Inclusion is responsible for ensuring inclusive, equitable practices across campus. Along with the Inclusion Committee, the Vice President of Inclusion may audit the practices of both CCSGA and other campus organizations, and will, similarly, sit ex officio on the school-wide Antiracism Oversight Committee. 

Vice President of Finance chairs the Finance Committee, which administers club operating budgets and allocates special events funding. The Vice President of Finance also monitors and maintains all CCSGA budgets and sits on the College’s Budget Committee.

Finally, Vice President of Outreach is responsible for promoting a strong relationship with the city of Colorado Springs, communicating with student governments across other colleges, and appointing CC students to all-college committees.

Both the Student Trustee and Student Body President take a broader approach to governance, though in very different manners. 

The Student Trustee is not a member of the Colorado College Student Government Association, but instead sits on the Colorado College Board of Trustees. As such, that person is responsible for the long-term vision of the college. As a voting member of the Board of Trustees, the Student Trustee works to enhance communication between the student body and the Board.

Lastly, the Student Body President is the chief executive of the Colorado College Student Government Association. The President establishes the long-term goals for CCSGA and represents students to the administration. As the head representative for the student body, the President provides a vision for the future of our school. 

Ultimately, whom we elect to each of these positions will have a lasting impact on our school. The events of the next few years, including the presidential transition and anti-racism implementation plan, will be critical in determining the path CC follows. As students, we must exercise our voice — make sure you vote in next week’s elections. 

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