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Dear Dr. Took-One-Psych-Class-Sophomore-Year,

 It’s nearly the end of third week, and I still haven’t put any moves on my Block Crush. We’re in a History course, but I heard them say on the first day that they are a Geology major… so I may never have a class with them again. I only have a few days left, I don’t want to spend them only making moony-eyes across the room. Can you help me formulate an action plan?

Yours truly, Dreaming of a Love Story for the History Books

Dear Dreamer,

  Been there. Depending on the forecast of your fourth week workload, a study date may be your best bet. Casually approach your crush and let them know about the brainstorming sesh you are having at Tutt with your friends, or ask for a peer-review of that horrendously long essay. Then, when you are working up the endorphins that only reading history analysis can do, casually mention what you are planning to do for a study break. If they show interest in said activity, invite them enthusiastically. The key to this step is to make them feel like they need a study break too, so tell them how impressed you are with their work ethic. Then, it’s all on you to win your Block Crush over. And remember, history is written by the victors. 

Good luck!  

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