By Daniel Soares

Spring is just around the corner and brings with it the possibility for numerous outdoor activities around campus. From Spikeball to slacklining, Colorado College is usually buzzing with activity on a sunny weekend afternoon. But some students are choosing to play a new sport which combines the luxury of being outside with acute technical skills, while also being able to leisurely spend time with friends. I spoke with Max Perozek ’22, an avid campus golfer and a founding member of the Campus Golf Association. 

Daniel Soares: What do you need to play campus golf?

Max Perozek: All you need to play are some golf clubs (we got ours for $6 at Arc Thrift Store) and some tennis balls. Optional but highly recommended attire is “the drip,” which can range anywhere from hockey jerseys to the preppiest outwear you can find. [Perozek typically wears a Bruins jersey just like the great golfer Happy Gilmore, after whom he models his own game].

DS: What are the rules of campus golf? How is it different than regular golf?

MP: It’s just golf. You have a “hole” that you have to hit your ball at in as few strokes as possible. One rule that we have is that you are not allowed to spend more than 15 seconds teeing up the ball. We also play that whoever is in last place on the previous hole has to caddy for everyone on the next hole. Another rule, which is highly enforced, is that you must play the ball where it lies. This adds an extra challenge to the game when a dog picks up your ball or if a friend passing by decides to throw it away from the hole.

DS: How did you start playing campus golf?

MP: My friends and I found a cheap set of golf clubs at Arc and one day decided to bring them onto the lovely greens outside of Armstrong. I was not the first person to play, but nonetheless, I have become an avid supporter of the sport.

DS: How many people can play?

MP: The amount of people is unlimited. I personally play with the “majors,” but there is a less skilled “junior tour” that occasionally can be spotted playing around campus. Campus golf is really open to all levels of athletes.

DS: Where can you play?

MP: You can play anywhere on campus. The front nine is on the quads in front of Armstrong [Tava Quad] and Tutt Science. The back nine is currently under development on East Campus and will require more technical skills. We encourage people to expand the sport outside of Colorado College and to play on campuses across the country.

DS: What’s the best weather for campus golf?

MP: Seventy-two degrees with a light breeze is a dream day. The weather can’t be too nippy because “the drip” is temperature-sensitive.

DS: What does the grounds crew think about the golf?

MP: There are certainly some divots created by campus golf, but we do our best to patch up the damage. We haven’t had any run-ins as of yet, but we hope that they support us and even join our games.

Colorado College campus golf players are looking to have a Campus Golf Association tournament by the end of the year. Holes are currently under development.  

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