By Kerry Yang

Colorado College women’s club hockey took home one win and one tie last weekend, giving them a sense of confidence about the season ahead. 

Photos by Alli Moon

First, on Saturday, Jan. 25, the Tigers travelled to Fort Collins to face off against the Flames. 

Cooperation was a key component of this match. “I think the team has done a really good job of working as one unit on the ice, especially considering the variety of experience and skill levels that are on the ice,” said Daphne Frantzis ’23. 

This unity was represented by the score, as the team finished with a 3-4 victory over the Flames. 

Delaney Weiss ’21 had a fantastic game, scoring two out of four Tiger goals and creating dozens of other opportunities. 

The next day CC played the Air Force Academy at home. The match was fought fiercely until the last second, ending with a tying score of 2-2. Sophia Quick ’20 and Willa Frantzis ’23 scored for the Tigers. 

Willa Frantzis was proud of her team’s ability to work together and overcome large discrepancies in skill and ability. “I think we have been doing a great job connecting on the ice and working together,” she said. “There are girls on the team who have never played hockey before or not for very long, but the team is super supportive and encouraging which is really important.” 

Despite the great success the team had this weekend, there are definitely still ways in which they can see themselves improving. “I think our team could work on effectively breaking the puck out of our defense zone in a way [in] which [we] keep possession,” said Daphne Frantzis.

Her sister, Willa Frantzis, believes size is one of the team’s largest issues, commenting on how the nature of the sport requires a larger team. “We have struggled in some games just because we didn’t have enough subs, because hockey is all about short and intense shifts,” she said.

The team is hoping to use the momentum from last weekend to propel themselves into some critical practices before the big weekend coming up. CC will be facing off against Fuzzy’s Tacos on Saturday at 6:15p.m. at its home arena, Honnen, and then on Sunday morning at 10:15a.m. also at Honnen, against the Denver Diamonds. 

Photos by Alli Moon

The women are anticipating the remainder of the season in general and the Air Force rematch in particular. 

“I’m looking forward to playing the Air Force again because it was a really good game and we tied,” said Daphne Frantzis. Willa Frantzis concluded, “I’m looking forward to seeing how our team improves in the last part of our season and just playing more hockey with a great group of people.” 

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