By Riley Prillwitz 

In the anticipation of the new semester, there are always a few changes to the Colorado College campus that current students can pick up on. However, for incoming winter-start students, everything is new. 

The students arrive to campus and move in a week before classes start. This allows them time to get situated and comfortable in their personal spaces. 

 “My move in went pretty smooth. There [were] like three different RAs in Mathias [on move-in day],” said Brinlee Collings ’23, winter-start. She also explained that the first few days of orientation were “overwhelming and long,” due to the extensive list of activities, meetings, and talks that were scheduled. 

“[I] met my RA and she [was] very welcoming to us,” Leah McLelland ’23 stated. She then explained how her RA gave her the grand tour of South Hall before welcoming her and her fellow winter-start roommates into their triple. 

“She offered to help me with moving in but was respectful that orientation is very overwhelming and offered us her space, allowing us to settle into the first few days of college life.” 

Julia Raddue ’23 has also met her RA, who has been very gracious and helpful with some problems that have already emerged. 

“She is really nice,” said Raddue. “She’s been very supportive.”

The new students also get to campus early so that they can go on their Priddy trips. This gives the students the opportunity to go on fun trips and make an impact on a community, just like the CC students who started school in the fall semester. 

Remi Bermingham ’23 went to Taos, New Mexico, on a charter school service trip. Once they arrived, the group helped out at a local school in the city. 

“Everyone on our trip was so cool and chill and the trip leaders were epic,” Bermingham said. 

Collings was also a member of the Taos school trip group. “It was an awesome experience,” she said. “I loved working with the kids and being in that environment.” 

The group was able to explore cities around Taos and even found some time to go sledding on their trip.

Despite their January arrival, winter-start students are not left out of the First-Year Experience. CC gives the opportunity for incoming first year winter-starts to settle into the block plan with a unique two-block course. 

“My FYE is the ‘Study of Classical Literature and Archeology: Love and War,’” Collings explained. “A lot of the people in my class were on my Priddy trip.”

“I’m in geology fifth block,” said Bermingham, “and so far, it’s been a blast playin’ around with rocks and minerals.” 

Overall, Bermingham has been enjoying his CC encounter. “Yeah, first few days on campus have been really sweet.” 

While coming to a new college, especially in the middle of the school year, may seem daunting, the new students are embracing the unfamiliar territory with open arms. 

“I’m interested in a lot of the events CC has planned,” said Collings. “I think CC will be a really good fit for me academically and socially.” 

There are a lot of events and school activities that the winter-starts have yet to experience, and they have a long four years ahead of them to do it.  

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