By Emma Brossman

Yoga is the connection of body and mind, and Colorado College has been embracing it. Yoga is over 5,000 years old as it stems from ancient Indian philosophy, and has grown into many varieties. This philosophy is what sets yoga apart from simply taking time to stretch. 

Group fitness classes include many forms of yoga from bedtime yoga to yoga sculpt classes. The student teachers are able to connect and bring the benefits of yoga to the CC campus. Yoga classes go beyond just the regular schedule at the gym as there has been offerings during parent and alumni weekends, pop-ups at the Fine Arts Center, and local studios in Colorado Springs such as CorePower and the Pranava Yoga Centers. 

Yoga, aside from the physical health benefits, can have mental health benefits. The meditation component of yoga can support stress reduction, mental clarity, and sharpen concentration. 

Sam Lovett ’22, a yoga instructor at CC, says “Bedtime yoga is a space where students can process the busy days and unwind through movement suitable for any level.” 

In many studies, yoga has been proven to relax the nervous system and lower cortisol levels which can lead to healthier sleep patterns. 

Can you touch your toes? Yoga is not just for the flexible, anyone can do yoga. Yoga is about connecting with your breath and body while quieting the mind, not about being able to do a handstand. “I was scared to do yoga at first, but after trying it I learned that I not only felt challenged physically, but felt mentally calmer,” Drake Gillis ’21 said. 

If you want to practice on your own there are vast resources online to learn more about the history and how to properly practice.   

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