By Jacqueline Nkhonjera

My name is Jacqueline Nkhonjera, and I am a senior political science major with a double minor in feminist and gender studies and African studies. This year, I am serving as one of five members on CCSGA’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee. I call Malawi, Mozambique, and Uganda home — it’s complicated. When I’m not writing or reading poetry, I enjoy traveling, reading my daily horoscope, and engaging with the color yellow in all forms — clothing, food, song titles — the options are endless. 

One of the things that drove me to run for CCSGA this year was Colorado College’s recent commitment to anti-racism. As a senior, I have seen CC in different iterations of its relationship with anti-racist efforts. With the anti-black, trans-antagonist email that was sent out to our faculty and student body in the spring of 2018, I became increasingly invested in anti-racism and, more specifically, combating anti-blackness at CC. My commitment to anti-racist work on campus has mostly manifested in the form of spoken word poetry, and now, I have the humbling opportunity to invest my interests in my position in student government. 

Most recently, our committee has been in communication with The Butler Center and the Director of Athletics about student concerns in these realms of campus life. 

Who else do you think we should be speaking to? And what else should our committee be putting at the forefront of our dialogues? 

Please feel free to ask me any questions about the work that our committee is doing — we would love to hear from you, as we are dedicated to addressing student concerns and doing what we can to make CC as safe and comfortable as it can be for all students. 

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