By Sam Lovett

With Susie B’s, Colorado Coffee, and Local Goods at every Colorado College student’s quick convenience, some fall into the trap of eating snacks throughout the day and never feeling fully nourished. I am sure most of you have heard that eating a salad or a croissant from Susie’s as opposed to crackers at the “C-Store” (the common name for Local Goods) is much better for you, but to be honest, most of the salads do not provide enough nourishment for students sitting in class all morning and working on homework through the night. 

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There is some truth to the often-cited benefit of eating three meals a day, but college kids sometimes don’t have the time to sit down and have three leisurely meals a day. However, our days will most likely be more productive with wholesome foods. The cafes have healthy options — you just have to search for them. Below, are a few healthy and nutritious alternatives to avoid munching unsatisfying foods all day. 

For breakfast, Susie B’s has great gluten-free, vegan, and dairy-free oatmeal (packaged and located right next to the dark chocolate) that is absolutely delicious. This breakfast has the right amount of raw sugar and fiber to keep a CC student attentive for all three hours of class each morning. If you don’t have an allergy, I always suggest putting almonds in the oatmeal as a filler for any lingering hunger just in case the oatmeal itself does not suffice. 

For lunch, there is a quinoa salad that looks small but is quite filling, assuming someone has eaten the right amount of breakfast. It has lots of veggies and a great vinaigrette with a savory taste. Hearty protein balanced by freshness provides enough energy for a typically intense afternoon. 

If you get hungry between lunch and dinner, try a fruit with some sort of topping. The C-Store sells apples and almond butter. Try to avoid peanut butter, as many brands contain artificial flavoring and lots of sugar. And it goes without saying that packaged snacks such as chips and candy should be avoided if you are aiming to eat healthier food.

For dinner, I suggest protein, vegetables, and good sources of carbs, like whole grains, seeds, and nuts. CC students can usually find these options quite easily at Rastall, the Preserve, or Benji’s. A helpful way to find the right meal for the night is to download the CC app and check the menus from your phone rather than walking from each location. 

Your body wants to be fed, but it wants to be fed well so it is nourished throughout the whole day. If you run out of ideas on what to eat, the CC dining website also has lots of great suggestions. Feed your body what it wants, and feel great about it.   

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