By Charlie Lynch

One of the most prolific and long-tenured club teams at Colorado College has been Wasabi, the ultimate frisbee team.

Wasabi was founded in 1987 and since then has traveled everywhere from California to Illinois to Michigan, competing in regional and national tournaments. The team has had success in the past and is hoping to further that dominance after a rough finish to last year’s season.

“After a season where the Regionals Tournament in Tulsa left a bitter taste in our mouths, Wasabi is looking to not only capture a bid to Nationals this year, but to win the region outright,” Silas Howe ’22 said. “The combination of our stellar returners and strong freshman class makes that goal not only within reach, but very possible.”

It was a brutal end to a wonderful season, with the team hoping to have made a larger impact with the young and old talent on the team; however, the team looks ever onward despite the loss last year.

As the sophomore class seeks to help the leadership of the 2019–20 upperclassmen, another strong class of first-years are filling the ranks of Wasabi, building on the amazing effort that was made last year to get to nationals.

“The first year class this year are a great addition and have been filling many roles already this season,” Josh Felton ’22 said. 

Felton is excited for this upcoming class as it helps to fill the vacant spots of the eight graduating seniors and who he hopes will further the goal of reaching the national tournament.

 “Our first tournament is a one day warm up called Rookie Nookie in Fort Collins this Sunday which will be great to start playing again,” Felton said. “I am mad stoked to see us build on what we worked on last year.”

Wasbi will open their season at the Rookie Nookie in Fort Collins, Colo. Oct. 13. 

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