Colorado College’s Board Game Club is flourishing, and the game night they recently hosted during Family and Friends Weekend was emblematic of their success. The club, which typically meets Friday nights at 7:45 p.m. on the second floor of the Worner Campus Center, hosted a special event this past Friday in Benji’s.

The room was well-prepared with a wagon full of board games and an endless stream of upbeat music.

“The event was a really good idea because I think a lot of people were looking for a quiet, lower-key activity tonight that they could bring their parents to … I know my dad was super happy to have somewhere to sit down and hang,” Sarah Stamp ’22 said.

For club leader, Paul Oh ’22, the Board Game Club was something that he was looking forward to before he even got to CC.

“When I interviewed for CC, the interviewer brought up [the Board Game Club] when we were talking about mutual interests … it was just something that we happened to have in common,” Oh said.

Oh explained that a main goal of the club is to “provide an alternate Friday night activity, so if you’re not feeling comfortable partying and whatever you can come play board games!”

The club seems to be serving this function more than ever this year.

“This year has been crazy,” Oh said. “Last year, it was like me and eight other people showing up regularly, but there have been hordes of first-years who’ve been showing up [this year]. It’s been pretty crazy.”

Traditionally, the club has met once a week, on Friday nights. However, for the very reason that the club holds its meeting on Friday nights, many members do not come regularly. Oh explained that the leaders have been sending out surveys to those who have attended in an attempt to set up a second meeting time every week. He predicts that “another weekend day or something like that will open up.”

Fortunately, there seems to be no shortage of games to play and people with whom to play them. Oh spoke about the wide variety of game interests and abilities every week. He explained that they’ve been playing a lot of Deception recently, which he describes as “this sort of hidden-role, mystery game.” But, he said, the “classics” are always represented as well, adding that Bananagrams is kind-of the “go-to” game for many.

All in all, the Board Game Club is a sure-fire way to enjoy your free time.

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