B y Abby Williams and Susanna Pen field

Dear Reader,
You might notice that this issue of The
Catalyst is four pages shorter. We have
made these cuts with the intent to increase
the depth and quality of current projects,
while accommodating the increasing strain
on the paper’s staff. Make no mistake, this
shortening does not signify that the paper
is slowing down; but rather, an opportunity
for new growth and revitalized dedication
to student journalism.

By temporarily shortening the paper, our
goal is to return to the founding values of
The Catalyst. The paper was established
for the benefit of the college community
and the surrounding local area, aiming to
bring news, ideas, and opinions into greater
collective view. In short, these pages are
meant to act as a catalyst for informed debate.

Now we call upon you, our readers, to
help us uphold these values. Now is the
time to consider becoming writers, editors,
and critics. Institutional change and
growth are born from conversation and engagement.
Independent student journalism
provides students the ability to speak
separately from the institution and engage
with important community issues. If you
care about the integrity of the institution
we belong to, consider participating in the
voice that strives to inform and check it.

The Catalyst is a means to initiate social
movement and convey important information.
For example, it is a large part of the
reason we no longer commemorate former
president William Slocum, a traumatic
figure in CC’s past. There is much more to
be said, documented, and discussed. You
all have the ability to break new stories,
uncover histories, and voice meaningful
opinions. We are optimistic. We look forward
to hearing from you.

Abby Williams and Susanna Penfield
President and Vice President of Cutler

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