By Charlotte Schwebel

• Professor Dwanna McKay was honored last weekend at the 10th Annual Garden of the Gods Rock Ledge Ranch Powwow as the Elder of the Year. (CC)
• Family and FriendsWeekend is this coming weekend. (CC)
• A natural history documentary film by Micah Robin ’19, “Fuel, Fire, and Wild Horses,” was officially selected by the Aspen Mountain Film Festival. (CC)
• CC has been named a top contributor to Teach For America, with six recent CC graduates participating in the program. (CC)
• The CC Bluegrass Ensemble will play at the Wide Open Bluegrass Festival –– the largest free urban bluegrass festival in the world. (CC)

• The State Judicial Office added two new courtrooms and two new district judges to El Paso County to help with a large backlog of cases. (KRDO)
• Bear cubs captured near a school in Colorado Springs were released into the wild early on the morning of Tuesday, Sept. 24. (KOAA)
• Two new police dogs were added to the CSPD team this week. (Patch)
• There was a large fire outside the Walmart on Razorback on Sept. 15. No one was hurt and no buildings were damaged. (KKTV11)
• Pothole repairs are scheduled on I-25 south of Colorado Springs. They are expected to be finished by the end of the weekend. (KKTV)

• The world’s largest hemp facility opened in Colorado City over Block Break. (Fox21)
• Research released this week found that a wildfire last year killed 80% of the fish in the Animas River. (CNN)
• In-N-Out Burger received a building permit for a 19.5 million dollar distribution plant, bringing them one step closer to opening the restaurant announced in 2017. (Fox)
• According to a new study, marijuana-related crashes have jumped 15% since legalization. The findings report that 20% of drivers involved in fatal crashes in Colorado tested positive for marijuana. (Fox31)
• White students at Colorado State University will not be punished for a viral photo in blackface. The school responded to concerns by claiming that blackface is an appropriate form of free speech, protected by the First Amendment. (NBC)

• Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi began official Impeachment proceedings after it was revealed President Trump offered assistance to the Ukrainian President if he would investigate Democratic nominees for president — mentioning Joe Biden by name. (NBC)
• Greta Thunberg, a 16-year-old climate activist from Sweden, gave a rousing speech on Monday, Sept. 23 at the U.N. Climate Action Summit, follwoing by a Climate Strike on Friday. The preliminary numbers estimate that at least three million people went on strike across the globe — excluding North and South America. (AlJazeera)
• The Trump administration EPA threatened to pull billions of dollars in federal funding over claims that California’s homeless population is a ‘public health hazard.’ Advocates for the homeless fear this will result in violations of rights for people without homes.

• The leader of Hong Kong, Carrie Lam, held failed talks on the morning of Sept. 25 to end the protests that have brought the city to a buzzing halt. Hong Kong protesters blocked the streets at the stadium where the talks were held. (IndiaToday)
• Two suicide bomb attacks in Afghanistan killed at least 48 people less than two weeks before elections. (WashPo)
• At least six were killed amid heavy rains in Southeastern Spain. (CBS)
• Disney CEO Bob Iger resigned from Disney’s board of directors. (HollywoodReporter)

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