By Miriam Brown

I know — you’re wondering where Georgia Grellier is. Currently, the queen of story time is out sick, so I’m filling in. If you went on a Tinder date from hell, lost your shoes on an overseas flight, or witnessed a spectacle so bizarre that no one believes you, contact

Who: Heba Shiban ’21

When: 2019

What: Birthday Lap Dance

Naturally, one of Heba’s first stops after spending five months in Germany was Rastall. As her friends gathered around to hear about her time abroad, she entertained them with stories of the places she went and the people she met. One character in particular piqued their interest: a Russian guy she dated, and the lap dances she gave him as a going away present.

“As I’m telling this story, the girls at the table are like, ‘What? OMG teach us how!’” Heba said. And why tell them when she could just show them?

So, in the middle of Rastall, she got up and gave one of the girls a small lap dance to give them just “a taste” of what she meant. When she sat back down, one of the girls, who had a birthday quickly approaching, asked if that could be her birthday gift this year — a lap dance from Heba.

“I was like, hell yes I can do that for you on your birthday,” Heba said.

So, on the day of the party, she showed up to her friend’s room in South Hall wearing her favorite little black dress, tights, heels, styled hair, and dark makeup. Not one to ever do anything halfway, she even had a playlist ready.

In a packed room of Colorado College students, Heba was the only one dressed up. Everyone else was in “typical Colorado dress,” she said, but she ignored her feelings of awkwardness because she knew that it would make sense to all the partygoers once she gave the birthday girl her gift.

One problem — as it turns out, Heba was the only one who took that request seriously. When she approached her friend, she learned that it was all just a big misunderstanding.

“I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? … I look like this for no reason?’” Heba said.

But she still stayed and worked her look — minus the lap dance.

Takeaway: “If you are an eccentric person, you have to always make sure people are on the same page.” – Heba Shiban.

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