By Kyle Zinkula

Ever find yourself with free time and wonder what you and some friends can do? Colorado College offers several intramural sports throughout the year to help you solve such a problem; this first semester alone has seven different sports and tournaments for you to try. Each intramural season lasts a block or two, making them fun, low-key ways to have fun with friends and stay active.

Block 2 offers a ping pong tournament and flag football. Ping pong, also known as table tennis, is played indoors on a large table with rules similar to those of actual tennis. Flag football, on the other hand, occurs outside with rules similar to regular football, but uses flags instead of pads. Ping pong may offer a less intense environment for those not looking to run, while flag football provides a great outlet for exercise, excitement, and fun with friends.

Photo courtesy of Catalyst Archives

Block 2 includes the beginning of intramural outdoor soccer and indoor volleyball, which both last through the end of Block 3. The two sports offer fantastic opportunities to be active and are relatively low commitment — as are all intramurals. Once again, if you and some friends are looking to have fun getting exercise or becoming involved in the CC community, consider creating or joining a team.

Block 3 also features the beginning of the intramural ice hockey season, which lasts through the end of Block 4. The hockey intramural splits into a beginner and an intermediate tournament. For those new to the sport, this is the perfect opportunity to try out hockey. For those who have played before but don’t want to commit to the club team, intramural hockey offers an excellent opportunity to continue playing the sport for fun with little time commitment.

The last block of the semester, Block 4, offers two more intramural sports: futsal and basketball. The fun part is that both sports are tournaments. Futsal is played like soccer, but indoors and on a hard-surfaced floor. Intramural basketball is played with the same rules of a basketball game on indoor courts.

After you pick an intramural sport to try and you organize a team, the next step is to register. On the CC webpage, each sport is listed with additional details and a person to contact regarding team registration and rules. If you aren’t familiar with the rules, you can find a handbook online.

Joining an intramural team is the perfect way to learn a sport you do not know. Whether you hope to make friends, have fun, get active, or simply learn a sport, the CC intramural program can make all of your dreams a reality. 

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