September 8, 2019 | ACTIVE LIFE | By Carlton Moeller | Photo by Carlton Moeller

As the smallest of the three climbing gyms in Colorado Springs, Pure Bouldering efficiency utilizes their space. Despite Pure’s status as a bouldering-only gym, it offers a 40-foot-long roof section with climbs that will pump you like no other. 

Compared to other gyms in the area like CityRock and Springs Climbing Center, Pure feels much more secluded and private. Rarely are there more than eight people in the gym at one time, apart from their competitions, community nights (Tuesdays, 7–9 p.m.), and team practices (alternating Thursdays, 6–8 p.m.). Pure is a perfect spot for climbers who like to have their space when working on a problem with no fear of strangers spilling the beta. On top of that, its small community of members means that if anyone else is climbing at the same time, it is probably a familiar face.

 Pure Bouldering shares a building with Gearonimo Sport. A new and used outdoor equipment shop that sells gear for kayaking, biking, skiing, climbing, and more. As a side note, there are also some cute dogs that hang out around there. Pure also offers 24/7 access to their gym.

But, most importantly, how are their routes? Climbers coming from other gyms in the area may be surprised at the difficult ratings of their climbs at first glance — a V4 at Pure may likely be a V5 or V6 at Springs Climbing Center. Nevertheless, they are still fun. 

Last year, I attempted a Black V7, which starts with a bat hang, a maneuver where you hang upside-down by the tips of your toes. The climbs can often be a bit crimpy, but that reflects well the style of bouldering rock in the Colorado Springs area. 

Due to Pure’s small size, many of the 73 routes are sit-starts. My personal favorite is the slab wall that is made of see-through material, giving a nice view of the outside, particularly during sunsets.

It is important to note that Pure maintains clean holds that are always vibrant in color and are rarely greasy or rubbered. While Pure may lack the extreme qualities of the more popular CityRock or Springs Climbing Center options, its clean and cozy environment keeps a more casual climber satisfied — all for much cheaper than either of their competitors. While one could say that it is a shame more people don’t venture to Pure, that’s what adds to the magic of the place and why I love Pure Bouldering.    

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