By Melanie Barksdale

“Do All Jews Beep?” a stand-up routine, started the first act with jokes pertaining to heart problems, pacemakers, college tours, and loss of virginity during the first year of college. Or was it the end of sophomore year? 

The Colorado College Student Talent Showcase, which was held on Friday, Aug. 30 in Taylor Theater, gave student groups a stage on which to present their best work. It featured stand-up comedy, improv routines, and spoken word performances.

The Theatre Workshop Improv Troupe, better known as TWIT, opened the second act. While a little raunchy at times, they continuously evoked laughter from the crowd throughout their performance. They performed two of their classic — and most wellknown — performances, “Hey Baby” and “F**k Knife.” “Hey Baby” involves taking a group of words suggested by the audience and making a short, witty phrase using the words. “F**k Knife,” a favorite of group member Lili Whittier ’22, is a series of short skits, such as singing about being small and huge in the style of a barbershop quartet, or pretending to sell folding stools.

Photo by Daniel Sarché

“My brother was in TWIT, and I recognized that it was a special group that loved and cared about one another,” said Whittier. “TWIT is a really wonderful and inclusive community that pushes you … it’s a wonderful exercise.”

A stand-up routine by Lily Salzman ’21 followed. Salzman said her parents always wanted her to do stand-up, so she took a course on it her first year and has been practicing ever since. 

“I try to be more than just the innocent girl,” Salzman said. “I make shows for myself.” Her raunchy jokes involving Helen Keller provided continuous laughter throughout her act. 

Toward the end of the night, SpeakEasy, a spoken-word group, took the stage and left the audience with a more serious tone. SpeakEasy members performed on subjects such as break-ups, parents, and first love. 

“The SpeakEasy was my favorite part,” said Anh Do ’23. 

Holly Wenger ’23 seemed to be inspired to try out for some of the groups that performed. “I’m thinking about doing the types of things they’re doing,” she said.

Maybe at the next showcase, Wenger will be on the stage.

Photo by Daniel Sarché

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